Spiritual Warfare – The Gloves Are Off!

Spiritual Warfare – The Gloves Are Off!

By Jason A Brown

The gloves are off, and the demonic forces that have long resided in Washington, D.C. have taken off the mask.  Protestors outside the Supreme Court, throwing a fit because the so-called abortion rights, (aka right to murder children) may be left to state legislators to decide.  Yes, that’s right, this Supreme Court decision does not ban abortions nationwide.  It just gives blue states that are ruled by demons the ability to legalize murder.  However, in responding to the evil that consumes our national and some state governments right now, we must be consistent in our faith and know where we stand.  Furthermore, we have to be able to cite scripture to back up our claims in this fight, and that is not always easy.

Those of us that are pro-life, have said for a long time, that the slippery slope here a ticking time bomb.  Not that the act itself is not reprehensible, but most people that have their eyes open recognized that this kind of disregard for the sanctity of human life will only lead to more devilish acts down the road that will be given legal status by the government.  And we were at a point where even partial birth abortion was given legitimacy by the deviants that pedal this evil to the masses.  Now we have the California Assembly committee, that has passed Assembly Bill 2223, that prevents criminal liability for parents that that have a newborn that dies within 28 days of birth.  This would effectively legalize the killing of a newborn baby.  The vote was 11-3.  Can you imagine a committee consisting of 14 people, where 11 of those 14 voted to allow the murder of a child?

This continues to expand the definition what constitutes life, by deciding that the killing isn’t a killing but merely a termination of a clump of cells.  So, a newborn baby is now just a clump of cells?  Really?  So, this SCOTUS decision would only cite the 10th amendment and the lack of authority that the federal government has to preside over these matters.  That is the constitutional argument, and the correct one from a legal standpoint.  But then there is the moral argument that murder in any form is wrong and not righteous in any way.  Why should states have the right to legalize murder, that is dismissed, due to the false narratives that are put forth by a disingenuous media?

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”   

Some would ask about death penalty and the morality of putting someone to death for crimes that they have committed.  My views have changed on this issue over the years. I used to support the death penalty 100% but now I feel like that original view was wrong. It is still government sanctioned murder.  Incarceration gives people a moment or sometimes a lifetime to reflect.  We all have up until we take our dying breath to submit to God and repent, accepting Jesus as our Savior, the perfect human lamb (100% God and 100% human) that was sacrificed to pay for the sins of humanity.  The punishment for sin is death, but not death at the hands of another man, government or not.  We do not have the moral authority to make such decisions, only God Himself.  Every day that someone lives is another chance for them to repent and come to God before they shed their physical vessel that houses their eternal soul.

Every day that someone spends on death row, is another day that they have the opportunity to exercise their free will and submit to the Glory of the Lord and His sacrifice so that we may live forever with Him in His Father’s Kingdom.  So, to end that life prematurely and not according to God’s will, we are potentially depriving a person of an opportunity to be saved and still live for eternity.  Putting someone to death could literally make the difference between eternal suffering, and being part of God’s Kingdom.  We unfortunately allow our emotions to cloud our thinking and even distort our belief in God, and forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not convenient, nor is it always the popular stance to take.  But, if Jesus forgave those that were beating Him, and driving nails through His wrists, we need to find that forgiveness in ourselves, even at the most inconvenient of times.

I had to go into the death penalty even though it is off topic from Roe v Wade, because so many people call conservatives hypocrites because we condemn abortion while cheering the death penalty.  While it does not justify killing a child of God, they do make a valid argument regarding consistency.  We don’t get to cherry pick scripture and assign our own morals to the Word of God.

I was intent on writing this today, and making it about politics, the constitution, and other things that are part of our physical world, and that appeal to the flesh. But as I started to write, I felt compelled to take this in a different direction, and while it may be seen as preachy, it had to be done this way. I am not afraid to speck truth, even when that truth may be condemned by the masses. I am not ashamed.

©Jason A Brown. All rights reserved.

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