Biden In The Box

Biden is operating inside of an ideological box, hindering his ability to be practical with his policy decisions

By Jason A Brown

Why do progressives run things into the ground when they take control of government?  Let’s look at Biden and the disasters that have occurred on his watch.  First let’s take the Department of Justice (DOJ).  At the DOJ they have a problem with consistency, as they only enforce federal law if the perpetrators are Republicans/Conservatives or anyone else that doesn’t subscribe to their national suicide pact with extremists that involves America speeding toward a brick wall at 120 MPH.  When leftists commit crimes, our government officials as high up as VP Harris, start raising money to bail them out of jail.   When conservatives commit crimes, and even sometimes when they don’t, they are arrested and threatened with decades in federal prison.

Just recently the DOJ suggested that some of the January 6th protesters serve a life sentence. Meanwhile, BLM is buying multi-million-dollar houses with money that they raised stoking the fires of racial conflict, and openly advocating for the destruction of the nuclear family as stated on their own website.   National suicide is being committed here in real time, the media is asleep at the wheel, as they look toward 2022 midterms.  The DOJ is an extension of the executive branch and is not an independent agency.  The DOJ operates at the discretion of the President.  This includes the FBI.  But Biden is beholden to leftist extremists as they insist that any law broken in pursuit of the cause, should be excused because as Karl Marx used to say, “the end justifies the means”.  Biden is confined to this ideological box that he cannot, under any circumstances operate outside of.

Let’s look at another Biden Disaster, gas prices and the overall price of energy.  The false claim that oil is scarce and in limited supply as oil is the second most abundant liquid on the planet next to water, that is naturally replenished.  This view is held by most people as this is not common knowledge, although it should be.  The fossil fuels label was a scam concocted by lawyers of Rockefellers that sought to convince the masses that oil was scarce as to create demand for their product on a global scale due to perceived limited supply.  They have a similar scam with the mining and sale of diamonds, but that is a different discussion.  On day 1 of the Biden Administration domestic exploration and drilling was brought to a halt because, “we have to do it for the environment”.  2020 America is energy independent and we are world’s largest net exporter of oil and gas is under 2 dollars a gallon.  2022, we are having to get on our knees in front of Saudi Royalty and OPEC, and even get some oil from Russia to meet domestic demands as prices skyrocket.  Biden says that gas prices are the result of price gouging.  Biden, never having to run anything or deal within the market, doesn’t realize how ridiculous that accusation is.  I’m not even going to go into it here, other than pointing out that we have a President that doesn’t understand how capitalism works.  In order to stay within his ideological box, Biden must appease the climate cult.

But let’s not forget the globalists, as they need love too.  Biden is stuck in Ukraine as you have Ukrainian government corruption, a Ukrainian military swarming with neo-Nazis, some complete with swastika tattoos on various regions of their bodies.  Is this who we are giving weapons too?  We are not sending another 40 billion to Ukraine.  Where is this taxpayer money going?  All this money going to a corrupt government on the other side of the world while we have record inflation, and babies that do not have access to the formula that they need for nourishment.  Ukraine has been shelling its own people for years.  So, have they stopped, or have they just now found a suitable scapegoat in Russia?  Not saying Putin is not a bad dude but I think that the anti-Russia narrative is a convenient and plausible one to most people that are not following events closely.  After all, we are conditioned in the West to hate Russia.  Here we are again inside Uncle Joe’s box that he cannot step outside of because he has to pander to his supporters, even if they may be few.  So, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and others hell bent on global control through one world government and the great reset, must be pleased with Biden and his actions.  This is why there is no consistency in this administration’s policies.  You cannot be consistent when you are constantly pandering to multiple special interests, that all want different things.  Eventually, special interests start to clash.

Whatever you think of Trump, good or bad, the one thing that you can say about the 45th President is that he was pragmatic when it came to solving a problem. He did not make political calculations to determine what direction he would go.  That’s why he frequently upset people on in both parties.  He wasn’t trying to appease anyone, and was always looking for the most practical, efficient solution.  Most politicians are not capable of this.  That is what set Trump apart and that’s why there was bipartisan hate for him.

So, we have the mob, that advocates for arrests of conservatives by federal law enforcement to intimidate and punish political opposition ala the doctrine of Karl Marx. We have climate cultists that would rather see us go back to living in the dark ages, than promote use of modern energy sources. All while pushing unrealistic, truly unsustainable sources of energy like solar and wind. Then the NWO crowd that want to strip away national sovereignty and replace national government with one central world government. Anyone that thinks that Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 is conspiracy theory, needs to wake the hell up and find a red pill to swallow quickly. You have a lot of catching up to do. As for those of us in the know, we just need to put our trust in God and know that He is in control. Remember, that nothing happens without his consent, and that sometimes you have to walk through the darkness, before you can see the light.

©Jason A Brown. All rights reserved.

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