Goodbye Deano!

Dear Deano,

I wanted to get one last open letter to you before you hand over the reigns of Executive Editor of your tabloid The NY Times, this June,  to Joey Kahn.  It has been an absolute pleasure corresponding with you over the last couple of years.   It has also been a pleasure corresponding with some of your underlings and getting some of their very spirited responses.

It all Began With Andy

It all started with a quick email discussing Governor Andy (what can I say, I’m Italian) Cuomo.  We discussed his flawless nursing home  Covid strategy; and his amiable, touchy-feely work environment.  Obviously, this environment was blown out of proportion by his accusers, with charges of sexual abuse and intimidation —seeing as though #metoo, and the usual outraged celebrities, Cher, Milano, Behar, Streep, Whoopi……never said a word about it.  Some have said though: if Andy had been a Conservative, there would have been 24/7 coverage from these seekers of “believe all women.”  Care to weigh in on this one, Deano?
Here is a quote from that era Deano.  “I believe them and I respect them, being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.”  Sound familiar Deano?  It should, this is what Kamala Harris said about Joesph Robinette Biden and sexual harassment accusations against him during a Presidential campaign event on 4/3/19.  No worries though, after Kalamity garnered less then 2% of the vote in Democratic primaries, Joey selected her as his running mate due to her gender and skin pigmentation……..I mean her mental acuity and experience (not the experience with Willie Brown).  See, everybody is happy again, except “Dr.” Jill (Hunter’s babysitter, while dating Joey) we are told.

Moving on

We did cover so much since then Deano old sport.  Of course, the campaigning of Joey O’biden  from his basement—all the way up to his installation as the resident, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  It all seems like a fairytale (some, if not most, say nightmare) now. Don’t sell yourself short Deano old sport—you and your tabloid played a major role in getting Joey installed.  You must be brimming with pride right about now……with Joey’s outstanding track record.  I mean look at all that he has accomplished in 17 short months……..truly remarkable!  But for some unexplainable reason Deano, there is hardly a mention of all that he has accomplished in your iconic tabloid.  Your tabloid still seems to be consumed with elected President Trump, sort of like say….CNN.  Well, Conservatives have their own take on Joey’s accomplishments and of course your tabloids omission of them.  Let’s see what they have been saying.

O’Biden is a Mentally Addled Corrupt Puppet.

Yes, I know Deano, strong words indeed.  Conservatives say, at first they felt as though this installed corrupt pathological liar and his inept administration, were just grossly incompetent.  But as time goes on it has become very obvious, little Joey and his gang of misfits are intent on destroying this once great nation—with a little (a lot of) help from those behind the scenes.
People like Georgie Soros, Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein), Susan Rice, the effervescent Hillary Clinton (she of Steele dossier fame), etc.

And those not so behind the scenes, like Chardonnay Pelosi (devout Catholic ), Chuckie Schumer, Adam Schiff (impeachment expert), Alejandro “I know nothing” Mayorkas —who I believe is in talks to play Sgt. Schultz in an upcoming Hogan’s Heroes remake, Pocahontas Warren, AOC and the squad, Maxine “get up in their face” Waters. Lapdog AG Merrick Garland, who looks like he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, trying to cover for Hunter (former crack addict, now famous artist); in addition to incandescently labeling parents, “Domestic Terrorists,” for having a say in the garbage that is trying to be used to indoctrinate our children.  General “I’ll give China a heads up if we are going to attack” Milley, Defense Secretary Austin and Secretary of State Blinken.  Those last three orchestrated the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle (spearheaded by the pathological Liar-in-Chief), resulting in the deaths of 13 American troops and scores of Afghan refugees.  Who can forget the sight of Afghans falling to their death off of planes from hundreds of feet, trying to escape the Taliban. Conservatives say, all so the village idiot occupying the White House, could have a nice story and photo-op for the 20th anniversary of 9/11.  As usual, Joey’s plan failed spectacularly, a pattern he displays time and time again.  President Trump is a racist! (Diversionary tactic, I picked up from you Dean Baquet….how’d I do?)

Media was Complicit Also

I believe it was Joseph Goebbels who attributed the success of the Nazi movement to the control of the media with their propaganda.
Yes Deano, those right wing zealots are saying that those who are possibly most responsible for this whole nightmare  we are living through, is the media……..including you Dean Baquet, Executive Editor of the tabloid, The New York Times.  I’ll give you just a few of their examples.
-censorship by Twitter and Facebook of the Hunter laptop story, implicating Mr. 10%, aka the Big Guy, aka the buffoon residing in the White House; which was attributed to “Russian disinformation.”  I believe pathological liar and mentally disturbed Adam Schiff came up with that beauty.  Wasn’t it swell that Attorney General Billy Barr had all this information, but didn’t want to release it, because it may have influenced the election. How patriotic of ole Billy, putting his country first, what a guy.  Of course, your tabloid, as well as those morally corrupt “news” agencies  CNN, WAPO, MSNBC, and all major networks, joined with that popular guise of just omitting the story all together……very professional Dean Baquet, very morally professional indeed.
-Russian collusion farce, and Steele dossier nonsense orchestrated by the angelic Hillary Clinton.  Will your paper be returning the Pulitzers it garnered from this propaganda blitz, Deano?
– the omission of voter fraud, specifically in the 6 swing states, that elected President Trump was leading……..until the middle of the night, when a vast majority of mail in votes went for the great leader/orator/unifier  Joey Talibiden, some as high as 90+% Simply remarkable!  I believe the Times mantra with this was—nothing to see here move along.
– minuscule coverage  of violent crime, especially in DEMOCRATIC cities spiraling out of control, due to handcuffing the police and moronic no-bail polices and ultra liberal District Attorneys.   We tried to get a comment from defund police cheerleader, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, but we were unable to get by her 70 police officer security detail…..seems a tad hypocritical.   Care to comment Deano?

  • pushing climate change and white supremacy as the biggest challenges confronting American citizens.  Here’s an idea Deano, why not take a poll of average Americans and see what is more important to them—feeding their families and heating their homes or the onslaught of white supremacy?
  • hardly any mention at all by you Deano, of the highest inflation in over 40 years, or gas that is at its ALL TIME high….just another feather in Joey’s cap.  Yet, your paper day in and day out covers the “Insurrection,” no, no, not the real one on November 3rd, 2020, the one being orchestrated by Chardonnay Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the media to draw attention away from this (intentional, evidently) dumpster fire of an administration.  The old omission/deflection trick you use so well, Mr. Executive Editor.
  • oh, and that other never mentioned tidbit in your paper, the little issue of the southern border catastrophe.  I know Deano, I broke your cardinal rule of bringing up anything that is genuinely relevant to the safety and concern of our nation.  I’m referring to treasonous dereliction of duty to safely protect our country’s border, led by political stooge Mayorkas and of course the border czar, Heels Up Harris (where is the czar….possibly on holiday with Willie Brown?).

Fentanyl flowing into our country and catastrophic  overdoses, the number one cause of deaths for the 18-45 age group.  See Joey is number one for something.  Ok, ok, let’s get back on track Deano, let’s get some front page articles about elected President Trump’s tax returns.  This is what Americans really want, right champ? We must deflect or omit!  Pure journalistic integrity over there at The Times.

Where we Stand Now

Well, we now have the Houseplant-in-Chief using different catch phrases for his destruction of our country.  My personal favorite is, “Putin’s price hike.”  It has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think Deano? Maybe make it into a rap song.   Of course, we all know that the CPI was 7.9% (it was 1.4%, when he was installed), before Putin stepped foot inside Ukraine.  It presently sits at 8.3% down from the previous month of 8.5%.  Word is Joey was so happy about this monumental drop, that “Dr.” Jill said Joey can ride his big wheel for an extra 1/2 hour in the White House and have 2 scoops of ice cream for dessert.
We have gas at $4.40 a gallon and diesel currently at $5.50…..that should help with food prices, I’m sure.  These are just averages mind you, some states like the lovely state of California has prices a dollar or two more above that.

Supreme Court Leak?

We now have the Supreme Court compromised with the leak (wink,wink) of the possible overturning of Roe v Wade decision.  It almost seems like these are acts of desperation by a certain political party.  We now have protesters showing up at justices houses and neighborhoods, encouraged to do so by the likes of Chardonnay Pelosi, Jen Goebbels Psaki and the honorable  Chuckie Schumer.  The installed resident didn’t comment on it, as it was during his afternoon nap time of 2-4 (not to be confused with his morning nap time), we tried to reach him after his snooze but he already settled in for cartoons and pudding.  I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a peaceful protest at your residence in the East Village in NYC or your estate in the highly non-diverse hamlet of Larchmont California, eh Deano.  Of course, only if they were peaceful protests, as Peppermint Patti Psaki insists they are.

More Catchphrases

Let’s see what other catchphrases do we have….well, there is “transitory inflation,” that started early last year.  That one really didn’t work out too well, huh.  As far as inflation goes, Joey said it’s greed due to big oil, meat packing plants, etc….I’m sure q-tip companies will be lumped in there soon.  Some may say, it is a direct correlation with Joey’s (I mean his handlers) moronic polices to eliminate the fossil fuel industry, to placate Bernie, AOC and the gang.   Before that, he said inflation was just a sign that the economy was doing sooooo good.  I’m curious Deano, was Joey Bidenflation an economic professor in addition, of course, to being a big rig driver, coal miner, lumberyard worker, etc, etc? (Imaginary jobs made up by the sociopathic, mentally addled resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave).

Here is an oldie but a goodie— “it’s the virus of the unvaccinated.”  This as several high profile politicians such as Heels Up Harris, Governor Kathy Hochul and the like, who have been double vaccinated and doubled boosted have gotten Covid.   They are sure to immediately say though (almost on cue, and scripted) that the symptoms are much less severe due to them having the shots and boosters.  One question though: if they never had Covid before getting all these shots… do they know the symptoms are less severe?   Personally, I’m going to wait until they start offering free pizzas, say after the 5th booster to start getting mine.

How about “winter of severe illness and death.”  By the way, didn’t Joey campaign from his basement, that he had a plan to stop Covid in it’s tracks?  Any idea Deano when he is going to let us in on those plans?  I mean he said elected President Trump should have resigned, due to over 200,000 deaths attributed to Covid.  Doesn’t that mean little Joey should have resigned at least twice already, as his death toll is reaching 500,000.  I used to like when CNN (highly regarded news network) used to have the death meter 24/7 when elected President Trump was in office.  For some reason, they removed that when Joey was installed, very puzzling.

Now the newest slogan being used by the great deflector.  Ultra-Maga, is being used as some sort of condemnation.  I guess putting your country first and making it great is a bad thing Deano?  Well, if that is not the case Joey Bidenflation is doing an outstanding job, because his handlers are absolutely destroying this once great country.  Yes, he certainly is not putting America first….by any means.  Maybe he could get his own acronym, perhaps MASA—Make America Suck Again, or MEBAGA—Make Everybody But America Great Again.  You see Deano the possibilities are endless, when you are purposely sabotaging your own country.

Personal Note

Well Deano, on a personal note I want to say it has been an absolute pleasure communicating with you over the last couple of years.  You are truly the consummate professional when it comes down to moral, upstanding, objective, apolitical, unbiased reporting. You are an absolute gem, always living by Times mantra, “printing all the news that is fit to print.”  I can only hope that that karma pays you back tenfold for all that you have done.

Conservatives Disagree

But of course, those Conservatives vehemently disagree.  They call you a morally corrupt political hack, just a propaganda machine for extreme treasonous, liberal ideologies. Someone who has taken double standards and hypocrisy, to a new level. They want to know how you can actually look at yourself in the mirror, and more importantly how you look at family, the lovely Dylan and young Ari, all the while knowing you are spewing political propaganda.  Your ridiculous attempt to deflect and omit, to cover the destruction of our country is reprehensible and you and your tabloid are in fact, morally bankrupt. Conservatives question how much AG Sulzberger, your boss is paying you? They want to know what the going rate is to sell your soul?  Or they say, you could be of the same ilk as Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Mayorkas, Harris, Clinton, Sanders, AOC, Warren and the like………those with true sociopathic tendencies and have absolutely no conscience, and are able to lie at will.  ‘Printing all the news that is fit to print”……absolutely hilarious, Conservatives say!

Retirement Party

Hey Deano, could you shoot me the information in regards to your retirement party?  I would love to have a drink with you and reminisce about the old days.  I’ve been hearing Barack Hussein may be hosting it at his seaside estate, no, not the multimillion Hawaiian estate, the 26 acre $14,000,000 one on Martha’s Vineyard, or his $12,000,000 Washington enclave.  To keep it green, I though we could take an electric Uber or limo.  Maybe you, me, the Boss, Colbert, and Bernie “millionaire” Sanders could chip in on one.  We do have a problem once we get to the ferry though.  I believe the ferry runs on diesel.  Hey, what the heck, we could just swim to Martha’s Vineyard from there.  I mean if Liberal icon Teddy Kennedy can do it, why can’t we…..and we won’t be drunk.  We don’t even have to call the police the next day to report a car crash (not to mention the drowning victim).  Yep, Teddy Kennedy, the “Liberal Lion,”  the quintessential highly moral face of the Democratic Party.

One last thing: when is “Dr.” Fraudci going to announce the most deadly variant yet.  I mean November is only a few months away.  We need to have the the voting centers shut down and make this a total mail in election process………just to keep it on the up and up of course.  I mean for the safety of the American citizens, they must be confined to their homes.  Obviously, Barack Hussein birthday bashes and Chardonnay Pelosi’s hair appointments are exempt, we’re not Nazis  here…….I think!


Chris Cirino

©Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

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