New Domestic Terrorism Law Will Criminalize Conventional Conservative Thought

Criminalizing American thought. It’s coming down fast. This is a coup.

”The greatest threat of domestic terrorism in American today is a corrupt federal government weaponizing its intelligence and law enforcement agencies against innocent American citizens that speak out against its tyranny” DC Draino

The current laws already clearly defined terrorism with no exceptions.  It’s the politicization of law enforcement.

Andy McCarthy explains:

How interesting that the familiar array of Islamist-apologist and left-wing groups, notoriously opposed to U.S. counterterrorism efforts, has lined up in support of congressional Democrats’ latest push for a “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.” Could it be because the proposed legislation goes out of its way to shield domestic terrorists who are catalyzed by foreign jihadist organizations?

You needn’t read far into the bill to hear the alarm bells.

Section 2 provides a definition for “domestic terrorism.” Sounds sensible . . . until you remember that federal law already has a definition of domestic terrorism. The term is codified by Section 2331(5) of …

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act Is Sheer Politics

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) prepares to call on a journalist during a weekly news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., March 31, 2022.

By The Editors, National Review, May 19, 2022:

Anti-terrorism laws are supposed to be law-enforcement tools, not political stratagems. The so-called Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, which House Democrats began pushing after the January 6 riot and have now revived in the wake of the Buffalo massacre, is clearly a political stratagem.

The point of the revived proposal, which House Democrats plan to push to the floor for a vote in coming days, is not to beef up the government’s capacity to investigate and prosecute acts of terrorism committed inside the United States. That would merely be superfluous. Federal and state law-enforcement agencies already have a rich arsenal of authorities that enable suspected terrorists to be monitored and, if they plot or carry out mass murder, to be prosecuted and punished severely.

Instead, the Democrats’ proposal would actually create indefensible exceptions in terrorism law. It would narrow the scope of terrorist activity that existing statutes can reach — for the blatantly political purpose of labeling white supremacism, alone, as the nation’s urgent domestic security challenge. Toward that end, it would divert investigative resources from other terrorist threats. Democrats would then, we can be sure, demagogue conservative policy preferences — e.g., Second Amendment rights, free expression, opposition to progressive indoctrination in the schools and other institutions — as catalysts of white supremacism that must be monitored by the Justice Department.

As our Andrew C. McCarthy detailed when Democrats initially rolled out the proposal in early 2021, the legislation would tweak federal law’s current definition of domestic terrorism — a definition that properly encompasses all ideologically driven violence — in a manner that shields jihadist terrorism from its reach. That is why Islamist organizations, which align politically with Democrats and reliably oppose initiatives to improve national security, have expressed support for the proposed Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.

Federal law does not detail a specific list of crimes that are designated as domestic terrorism; quite appropriately, it simply defines the broad term. A plethora of statutory offenses already address terrorist activity — as attested by the speed with which federal and state authorities responded to the mass murder in Buffalo.

In the realm of foreign terrorism, Congress has had to proscribe crimes because alien terrorists are non-Americans who predominantly operate outside U.S. jurisdiction, and thus beyond the otherwise limited authority of U.S. law enforcement and courts. By contrast, as the courts have acknowledged, domestic terrorism is inevitably and inextricably bound up with constitutionally protected dissent and association. As we learned from 20th-century domestic-spying scandals, loose legal standards invite the government to invoke “domestic terrorism” as a pretextual rationale for surveillance of the opposition.

For these reasons, the trigger for conducting domestic-terrorism investigations is evidence that a subject is engaged in criminal activity. That is a sensible red line. There are many potential crimes that terrorists commit in the preparation and execution phases of their operations, so the standard does not unduly restrain competent investigators from opening cases and monitoring suspects. Indeed, the more we learn about the Buffalo atrocity, the more questions there are about why police and prosecutors did not do more under existing law to follow up on a suspect who was known for a year to be dangerous and disturbed.

The Democrats’ proposal also calls for an array of federal security agencies to create domestic-terrorism units, in addition to establishing a new “Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee” made up of high-ranking law-enforcement officials, for the purpose of focusing microscopically on white supremacism. There would be mandatory training on how to combat white supremacism: Federal agents would be instructed on the supposed warning signs in order to prevent suspected “domestic terrorists” from infiltrating law-enforcement agencies. It does not require much imagination to grasp the abuses and politically motivated harassment this would encourage.

Federal agencies would have to account for their white supremacism-related cases; naturally, that would push them to generate such cases, regardless of whether evidence of actual criminal activity warranted investigation.

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