The Most Dangerous Places for a Child to be Are in The Womb and a Public School

We were inspired to write this article by a reader Sue Bird who commented on a column written by Fred Brownbill titled “In the Blue State of Massachusetts it’s Okay for Teachers to Have Sex with 14-year Old Students!” Sue wrote,

It appears that the most dangerous place for a kid to be is in the womb and in the public schools.

To understand here is a transgender teacher explaining the hiring process that allows LGBTQ+ individuals to work with and teach children.

Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center wrote,

5 years ago there were 6.2 million students enrolled in public school. Now there are 5.8 million.

The Great Public School Exodus, as some are calling it, is transforming the educational system.

As the New York Times recently noted, “New York City, the nation’s largest school district has lost some 50,000 students over the past two years” while California lost a quarter of a million students.

The total loss of over a million students leaves public school enrollment at a historic low.

More and more families are homeschooling. The reason is that public schools no longer educate they indoctrinate.

Republicans in general support parents as the primary decider on where their children are taught and what topics are age appropriate. This issue of parental rights has been especially important in the state of Florida.

For example Kendall Tietz  from The Daily Caller on May 5th, 2022 reported:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law Monday that recognizes a statewide “Victims of Communism Day” requiring Florida schools to teach students about “the evils of communism.”

The “Victims of Communism Day” bill, or House Bill (HB) 395, establishes November 7 as a holiday “to honor the hundreds of millions of people who have suffered under communist regimes across the world,” which public schools are required to observe, according to a press release.

“Honoring the people that have fallen victim to communist regimes and teaching our students about those atrocities is the best way to ensure that history does not repeat itself,” DeSantis said in a statement. “Through HB 395 and the funding announced today, we are guaranteeing that the history of those who fled communist regimes and their experiences are preserved and not forgotten by our students.”

“While it’s fashionable in some circles to whitewash the history of communism, Florida will stand for truth and remain as a beachhead for freedom,” he added.

This is causing insane comments from academicians like Elizabeth Bartholet, the director of Harvard Law’s Child Advocacy Program, described the “homeschooling phenomenon” as a “threat” to society, claiming that conservative parents “homeschool because they want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to our democracy”, “promote racial segregation and female subservience”, and “question science”.

Then you have other leftist activists targeting Christian and Jewish religious schools, often under the guise of front groups like the anti-Orthodox Yaffed. Under Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, New York’s Jewish and Catholic schools banded together to resist the leftist assault on their schools.

Why are Democrats hell bent on protecting public schools. Well, follow the money.

The New York State United Teachers alone accounted for $5.8 million in 2016 spending to elect Democrats. The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association spent over $35 million in 2020 to elect Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Beyond that they also ran phone banks and get out the vote campaigns.


The Public Schools

Fox News reporter Jessica Chasmar revealed:

At least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested so far this year on child sex-related crimes in the U.S., ranging from child pornography to raping students.

An analysis conducted by Fox News Digital looked at local news stories week by week featuring arrests of teachers and teachers’ aides on child sex-related crimes in school districts across the country. Arrests that weren’t publicized were not counted in the analysis, meaning the true number may well be higher.

We hear a lot about racism and white supremacy from groups like Black Lives Matter and the Democrat Party. But when you look at the numbers it is public schools and the womb that are the most dangerous places for a black child.

Note in the chart below that the average students in the lower income who are not reading proficiently is 80% comparted to higher income students at 49%.

Child Literacy Statistics by State (4th Grade)

State Rank (lower is better) Students Not Reading Proficiently (%) Lower Income Students Not Reading Proficiently (%) Higher Income Students Not Reading Proficiently (%) Improvement since 2003 (%)
Alabama 35 69 82 51 12
Alaska 44 73 85 60 -1
Arizona 40 72 85 57 6
Arkansas 32 68 78 54 6
California 43 73 85 54 8
Colorado 8 59 79 54 6
Connecticut 5 57 81 43 0
Delaware 13 62 75 48 7
District of Columbia 45 77 87 39 14
Florida 12 61 73 42 10
Georgia 26 66 79 47 10
Hawaii 37 70 83 57 11
Idaho 31 67 78 56 4
Illinois 28 66 84 48 4
Indiana 14 (tied) 62 75 49 7
Iowa 16 62 77 52 5
Kansas 14 (tied) 62 78 46 7
Kentucky 21 64 77 49 7
Louisiana 46 77 85 58 4
Maine 19 (tied) 63 76 52 2
Maryland 2 55 76 42 19
Massachusetts 1 53 75 38 12
Michigan 34 69 81 58 -1
Minnesota 9 59 77 48 6
Mississippi 47 79 85 58 4
Missouri 23 65 77 51 2
Montana 24 65 78 54 0
Nebraska 19 (tied) 63 77 51 7
Nevada 42 73 83 56 9
New Hampshire 3 55 76 47 8
New Jersey 7 58 78 44 5
New Mexico 48 79 85 61 2
New York 18 63 77 47 5
North Carolina 22 65 78 47 3
North Dakota 29 66 78 60 3
Ohio 17 63 80 48 5
Oklahoma 36 70 79 57 5
Oregon 30 67 79 50 3
Pennsylvania 10 60 77 45 10
Rhode Island 15 62 81 45 13
South Carolina 39 72 83 54 3
South Dakota 33 68 82 58 -1
Tennessee 27 66 82 48 11
Texas 38 72 83 53 -1
Utah 20 (tied) 63 76 54 7
Vermont 6 58 74 46 8
Virginia 4 57 79 44 12
Washington 11 60 77 47 10
West Virginia 41 73 76 63 -3
Wisconsin 25 65 80 53 3
Wyoming 20 (tied) 63 76 54 5
Average 24 66 80 49 6

All of these numbers are very, very bad. Public schools are not doing their jobs to teach reading, writing, arithmetic and the sciences. If you can’t read you can’t write. If you can’t read or write you can’t cypher or read science books.

The Womb

There is a lot of malinformation or malicious information about abortion. Malinformation is having or showing a desire to cause harm to someone; given to, marked by, or arising from malice or malicious gossip. Killing black babies is the mission of Planned Parenthood not white supremacists. However, the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger was in favor of eugenics, i.e. culling the infirm, malformed, illiterate and blacks out of the population. Click here to read more articles about Eugenics.


Here is a white woman stating that overturning Roe v. Wade is about “white supremacy so white people can preserve their majority.” The reason this is misinformation is because 80% of abortion clinics are located in or within walking distance of minority neighborhoods. In fact the most dangerous place for a black or Hispanic unborn child is in their mother’s womb. The Guttmacher Institute reports that 59% of abortions are not white. The Guttmacher Institute’s U.S. Abortion Patients infographic shows that of abortion patients: 28% are black, 25% Hispanic and 6% Asian/Pacific Islander. For whites it is 39%. If Roe v Wade had not happened it is estimated that the black population of the U.S. would be 31% not 13%.


  • Abortion is the leading cause of death for African Americans, more than all other causes combined, including HIV, violent crimes, accidents, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Abortions are performed on black women at a rate 3.5 times higher than white women; black women have over 30 percent of abortions though they are only 12.6 percent of the population.
  • Over their lifetimes, black women average 1.6 more pregnancies than White women but are 5 times more likely to have a pregnancy that ends in abortion.
  • Approximately 360,000 pre-born black babies are aborted every year, nearly 1000 per day.
  • More than 16-million black babies have died by abortion since 1973.
  • The percentage of the black population in the U.S. has dropped from 12.6 percent in 2010 to 12.4 percent in 2020. The black population in the U.S. (41 million) has dropped precipitously below the Hispanic population (63 million), numbers that would be radically different had 16 million black lives mattered enough to society to protect them from abortion and raise them to fruitful adulthood.

The Bottom Line

There was a time when truth was external and we believed there was only one truth. Then during the Reformation truth became internalized. My truth is as valid as your truth. Reality determines the truth. Facts support the truth. The goal of science is to always contest scientific theories, test them and re test them.

Our role here is to contest the uncontested absurdities. We find that in fact the two most dangerous places for a child are in their mother’s womb and in our public school classrooms. Prove us wrong.

The truth will set you free.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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