Massive Sexual Abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention

I have written much about sex abuse of children by people placed in positions of trust. The other day I showed the problems with our public school system which has abused so many kids as to make the Catholic sex abuse scandal look small.

Let me be clear. No abuse of children is acceptable by anyone. Parents, teachers, family, priests or politicians! The evil must be rooted out. However, with a hatred of the Catholic Church the political movement and their close allies the MSM, tried hard to make it look like a Catholic only issue. It was not. It is not. It’s just that they are huge and extremely rich with deep pockets.

An investigative report on the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), Americas largest Protestant organization, found massive sexual abuse took place among parishioners kids and the clergy. Just like what the Catholic Church did, these evil Southern Baptist leaders did the same bad thing. They stonewalled the victims and in many cases leadership presented the victims with outright hostility. The suspected perpetrators were allowed to stay in their positions, ready and able to carry on with their disgusting pedophilia agenda.

The May 22nd, 2022 288-page investigative report from Guidepost Solutions was initiated at an SBC National meeting when outsiders demanded action and investigation.

The report very clearly shows that the presumed innocent perpetrators were given autonomy by the church. Even allowed to stay on as clergy.

Victims however and their families, were ignored, disbelieved and met with action by the SBC that never allowed justice. It was found that the SBC hierarchy considered they had full autonomy over the church and that allowed molesters and other perverts to stay on in their jobs and no warnings given to the congregations of these evil doers.

On Sunday, SBC President Ed Litton. Released the following message :

Fellow Southern Baptists,

In a short time, the report from Guidepost Solutions will be released. We’ve been awaiting this day for many months, and in another sense, for many years. As we review the report today, let me encourage you with the words of James, “be slow to speak, quick to listen.” Today important facts will be revealed. And as a result, many of us across our Convention will feel a torrent of emotion. This is not a time for hot takes or armchair quarterbacks. This is a time for us to listen, lament, assess, and prepare to respond. In a few weeks, we will gather together in Anaheim, where we will have the opportunity to act and ensure the appropriate reforms are implements. We must be ready to take meaningful steps to change our culture as it relates to sexual abuse.

Today is likely to be a painful day. In the midst of that pain, I pray that you remember those whose lives have been so deeply damaged by the sin of sexual abuse. I believe this report represents an honest look at our Convention’s actions and failures. I believe it represents the courage of survivors who have come forward and told their stories. I am praying that God will grant each of us the wisdom and courage to respond with godly courage and Spirit-driven determination to make our future better than our past.

Ed Litton

Many victims were harassed with hate mail and phone calls which made them feel even more victimized.

The SBC will hold its national meeting at the Anaheim Convention Center on June 14-15. If anyone out there wants to attend and protest peacefully outside this huge and expensive national meeting, feel free.

Total giving to Southern Baptist churches, according to the report, was $11.5 billion in 2020. There are over 47,000 churches in this organization. Total membership is 14,089,947. These were 2020 figures. Here is a link to what the convention is all about. Money.

My wife and I are Baptist. Formerly Catholic. We belong to an independent Baptist church where the pastor is a true man of God, who preaches the Bible as it was written. He is not politically correct. He is not afraid to talk about abortion, child slavery, perceptions, the LGBTQUI agenda. You need to all find a church like mine. For those interested it is :- Victory Baptist Church, located on South MacDill in Tampa. It is not fancy. It is not huge. It is not a rich church. It is a place for believers and conservatives to meet and worship God.

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