My Streaming Services Have Boycotted ‘2000 Mules’ the Election Fraud Exposé!

I was speaking with a friend and he brought up that he will be watching the 2020 election fraud exposé “2000 Mules” to try to understand what, if anything, actually happened. I decided to watch it on my streaming services. So I began looking for it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBOMax, Hulu, the ROKU Channel, YouTube, Acorn TV, A&E, AMC and Peacock.

Here’s the official trailer to 2020 election fraud exposé “2000 Mules“:

We dropped our membership to Disney+ because of Disney, Inc.’s public efforts to groom underaged children for sex. However, we’re guessing that Disney+ most probably doesn’t carry the exposé “2000 Mules” either.

To my amazement not one of these streaming services carries “2000 Mules.”


ANSWER: The media and streaming services do not want you to watch the exposé “2000 Mules

How do we know this?

Another friend sent us a Google News link and search results for the exposé “2000 Mules” here. BTW, Google owns YouTube.

When you click on the Google search link you will find the following articles:

There’s even a Google AD from from the leftist website titled “2000 Mules Fact Checked – Get the Facts Before Watching.”

Free speech is just that. However, today free speech can and is stifled when streaming services don’t carry exposé’s like “2000 Mules.” If you can’t watch it in theatres, online and everything you read about it is negative you can bet that there’s something there.

So, if you want to watch the exposé “2000 Mules” you may go to their website and order the DVD.

We did and we will report the truth about what the film found.

Stay tuned.

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