Welcome Joey!

Joe Kahn
Executive Editor
New York Times

Good morning Joey,

I welcome you to your new position as the Executive Editor of the iconic New York Times.  Be aware Joey, you have some big shoes to fill, now that Deano has left.  I just hope that you have the same journalistic integrity and high moral fiber that Deano had.  I wish him well in his retirement at his toney estate in the highly non-diverse neighborhood in Larchmont California.  I wonder if he knew that he was moving into such a non-minority neighbor when he scouted out this gem……..ah, that’s just Deano being Deano, such integrity.

What approach are you going to take in regards to your signature front page headlines Joey?  You see, Deano used the very savvy approach of using omission, deflection and at times outright lies………..all for the good of the country , of course.

Here is an example: instead of focusing on the rampart INFLATION that is crippling a majority of Americans, day in and day out; Deano used to be laser focused on the events of 1/6/21…..yes, that is 2021!  You see, by doing that Deano, it gets peoples attention away from the disasters that the Joey Bidenflation and his team are inflicting on most Americans daily.  I think it is a phenomenal strategy, don’t you Joey?

The problem is most Americans see this RIDICULOUS attempt to draw attention from this incompetent train-wreck of an installed administration.  They realize that this mentally addled puppet, this installed buffoon is either just corrupt and manipulated or just plain vastly incompetent!  Conservatives state that the National Inquirer has more honest, factual information than Pravda, sorry, I mean the Times. Your tabloid is generally considered a laughing stock of partisan propaganda, by anyone with 5th grade or higher education.

Just take a look at today’s headlines.  Zero mention of the biggest pain thrust upon Americans……..GAS PRICES.  You know, something that affects Americans on a DAILY basis.  Here is an idea, maybe put a gas price meter up.  This would be like the Covid death meter that was ubiquitous during elected President Trump’s tenure, with your trusted tabloid, as well as your partner CNN.  This meter mysteriously disappeared when when the buffoon was installed.  Shocking!  No mention either of the 1,000,000 dead due to Covid.  You know, from the man who was going to shut the virus down……remember Joey Kahn?

So, let’s see where your leadership role takes us Joey.  Following the lead of your predecessor Deano Baquet (highly moral and honest individual), or you can set a new path to follow.   Hey here are a few idea’s for your front page.

  • unsecured border with fentanyl flowing into our country (as well as Covid)
  • a baby formula shortage in the United States of America (Joey said he didn’t know about this until April).  The poor dementia ridden fool, just got caught in another of his blatant lies.
  • rampant inflation, especially affecting those those his benevolent party (Democrats) claim to care so much about. Those living paycheck to paycheck are being decimated as we speak.
  •  his drug addict/porn addicted corrupt son Hunter (now a famous artist apparently). Just pretend that his last name is Trump.  This way we could get it splashed across your front page on a daily basis.-the real reason gas prices are so high……wink, wink Joey’s war on fossil fuels and Progressive influencer’s pushing the Green Deal.  C’mon Joey Kahn, you know what you should really do. C’mon man!
  • the entire corrupt Biden Crime Family.
  • Beijing Biden’s obviously declining mental acuity.  Where is that cognitive test that elected President Trump took, maybe little Joey could do the same? How much longer must Americans watch their installed leader read of cue cards, teleprompters and use ear pieces; and be whisked away from unscripted questions from the press?
  • Joey and Heels Up Harris selective outrage and appearances at gun shootings.  Some called massacres, some not even mentioned at all.  Do you have any idea why these are treated differently Joey?  I’m at a loss.

Well, there are a few ideas for you Joey Kahn, Mr. Executive Editor.  Conservatives say, they hope you are not just a political hack, a lapdog like your predecessor. Someone that pushes political propaganda with now conscience whatsoever; while collecting a hefty paycheck from Slushy.

Time will tell Joey, we’ll see.  Hopefully your mantra “printing the news that is fit to print,” will come back into play……..instead of being used as a punchline.  Good luck Joey, the choice is all yours.

I’ll be taking to ya.


Chris Cirino

©Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

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