Biden Continues Dividing This Nation

In the desperately sad aftermath of the latest shooting of young innocent lives by a mentally deranged and evil young man, Santos Valdez Jr., 18, we all knew that Democrats, within a very short time, would not allow a great crisis be wasted. It is almost like they pray to Satan for these moments to push their anti 2nd Amendment rhetoric. It never ceases to amaze me how within minutes sometimes they have a speech and lies ready to go – almost like they expected it to happen.

At a time when the President and Vice President should be uniting the country in our grief at the deaths of these poor children and the adults, they are yelling and cursing at we the people as protectors of the constitution, gun lobbies and gun manufacturers.

Tucker Carlson said it so well:

“The President of the United States, frail, confused, bitterly partisan, desecrating the memory of recently murdered children with tired talking points of the Democratic Party, dividing the country in a moment of deep pain rather than uniting. His voice raising and amplified only as he repeats the talking points he repeated for over 35 years in the United States Senate, partisan politics being the only thing that animates him. Unfit for leadership of this country.”

One politician stands out with his profanity that is aimed at republicans and gun owners as well as Christians.

Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz. tweeted,

“F— your prayers. They haven’t worked for the last 20 mass shootings how about passing laws that will stop these killings.”

This was aimed specifically at Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif. Do we the people really expect our representatives to use profanity like that? I hope not. After all, conservatives are morally better people than those extremists on the left.

The same despicable democrat, Gallego also tweeted Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas:

Other DemonRats immediately stood and yelled out anti gun rhetoric including Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, whose opinion is not worth a cent as she runs one of the most crime ridden and corrupt cities in the country. After all 218 murders and thousands of shootings there this year is not newsworthy. After all, most are ( 80%) black on black or (14%) black/Hispanic on brown and therefore not worthy of mention as it doesn’t go with the Biden agenda. Where are Black Lives Matter on this? Oh hang on – they are at the realtors buying another multi million dollar home or paying exorbitant amounts to relatives to provide security!

As is normal, the shooter in Texas left a long line of clues that nobody took notice of. Here is a brief history of this troubled young man copied from the Washington Post:

Santos Valdez Jr., 18, said he has known Ramos since early elementary school. They were friends, he said, until Ramos’s behavior started to deteriorate. They used to play video games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. But then Ramos changed. Once, Valdez said, Ramos pulled up to a park where they often played basketball and had cuts all over his face. He first said a cat had scratched his face.
“Then he told me the truth, that he’d cut up his face with knives over and over and over,” Valdez said. “I was like, ‘You’re crazy, bro, why would you do that?’”

Ramos said he did it for fun, Valdez recalled.

In middle school and junior high, Ramos was bullied for having a stutter and a strong lisp, friends and family said. Stephen Garcia, who considered himself Ramos’s best friend in eighth grade, said Ramos didn’t have it easy in school. “He would get bullied hard, like bullied by a lot of people,” Garcia said. “Over social media, over gaming, over everything.”

“He was the nicest kid, the most shyest kid. He just needed to break out of his shell.”

One time, he posted a photo of himself wearing black eyeliner, Garcia said, which brought on a slew of comments using a derogatory term for a gay person.

Garcia said he tried to stand up for him. But when Garcia and his mother relocated to another part of Texas for her job, “he just started being a different person,” Garcia said. “He kept getting worse and worse, and I don’t even know.”

When Garcia left, Ramos dropped out of school. He started wearing all black, Garcia said, and large military boots. He grew his hair out long. He missed long periods of high school, classmates said, and was not on track to graduate with them this year.

Ramos’s cousin Mia said she saw students mock his speech impediment when they attended middle school together. He’d brush it off in the moment, Mia said, then complain later to his grandmother that he didn’t want to go back to school.

“He wasn’t very much of a social person after being bullied for the stutter,” said Mia, who spoke on the condition that her last name not be used because her family does not want to be associated with the massacre. “I think he just didn’t feel comfortable anymore at school.”

Valdez said Ramos drove around with another friend at night sometimes and shot at random people with a BB gun. He also egged people’s cars, Valdez said.

About a year ago, Ramos posted on social media photos of automatic rifles that “he would have on his wish list,” Valdez said. Four days ago, he posted images of two rifles he referred to as “my gun pics.”

A person briefed on the investigation’s early findings, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case, said Ramos bought the weapon used in the attack immediately after his 18th birthday, which was in mid-May.
Two months ago, he posted an Instagram story in which he screamed at his mother, who he said was trying to kick him out of their home, said Nadia Reyes, a high school classmate.

“He posted videos on his Instagram where the cops were there and he’d call his mom a b—- and say she wanted to kick him out,” Reyes said. “He’d be screaming and talking to his mom really aggressively.”

Ruben Flores, 41, said he lived next door to the family on Hood Street and tried to be a kind of father figure to Ramos, who had “a pretty rough life with his mom.”

He and his wife, Becky Flores, would invite Ramos to barbecues at their house and for sleepovers with their son, who was a few years younger. Ramos went by the nickname “pelon,” Spanish for bald, because his hair was often cut so short when he was younger, Flores said.

As he grew older, problems at home became more acute and more apparent to neighbors, Flores said. He described seeing police at the house and witnessing blowups between Ramos and his mother. Multiple people familiar with the family, including Flores, said Ramos’s mother used drugs, which contributed to the upheaval in the home. Ramos’s mother could not be reached for comment.

Ramos moved from the Hood Street home to his grandmother’s home across town a few months ago, Flores said. He said he last saw the grandmother on Sunday, when she stopped by the Hood Street property, which she also owned. The grandmother told him she was in the process of evicting Ramos’s mother because of her drug problems, Flores said.

Reyes said she could recall about five times that Ramos had fistfights with peers in middle school and junior high. His friendships were short-lived, she said. Once, Ramos commented to a friend while playing basketball that the friend only wanted to join the Marines one day so he could kill people, Reyes said. The other boy, she added, ended the friendship on the spot.

“He would take things too far, say something that shouldn’t be said, and then he would go into defense mode about it,” Reyes said.

She and her Uvalde High School school classmates had visited Robb Elementary School just a day before the massacre, wearing their graduation robes and high-fiving the grade-schoolers, who lined up in the hallways — a community tradition.

“Those kids were so excited to see us in our cap and gown,” Reyes said. “They’re looking at us like, ‘I’m gonna be there one day.’ It’s surreal, like we’re in a movie. It’s horrible.”

Valdez said his last interaction with Ramos was about two hours before the shooting, when they messaged on Instagram’s Stories feature. Valdez had re-shared a meme that said “WHY TF IS SCHOOL STILL OPEN.”

According to a screenshot of their exchange, Ramos responded: “Facts” and “That’s good tho right?” Then Valdez replied: “Idek [I don’t even know] I don’t even go to school lmao.”
Ramos never responded to or opened that text message, Valdez said.

Just a month or two ago, Garcia said, he called Ramos to check in on him. But Ramos said he was going hunting with his uncle and didn’t have time to talk. He hung up. Garcia later saw the photos of large guns that Ramos had posted online and wondered whether that was what they were for — going hunting, or to the shooting range with his uncle.

On Tuesday, Garcia was in algebra class in San Antonio when he started receiving a slew of texts with the news of what had happened in Uvalde. He didn’t believe it at first. He opened his phone’s browser and Googled the shooting and saw Ramos’s name.

“I couldn’t even think, I couldn’t even talk to anyone. I just walked out of class, really upset, you know, bawling my eyes out,” Garcia said. “Because I never expected him to hurt people.”

“I think he needed mental help. And more closure with his family. And love.”

America. We have a mental instability problem in America. We ignore clear warning signs, and I mean family members, teachers, pastors, friends, relatives etc. We live in a cocoon always thinking it cannot happen to us or ours. The entire lockdown period during the China Virus did nothing but exacerbate the mental issues of many of our kids as they had no social interaction with piers at an age it is so important and were kept indoors, masked and often left alone, with just violent electronic games to play or a computer or phone to look up and read evil things.

This shooting is not a gun issue. It is not a reason to attack our constitutional rights as free American citizens to own or buy or carry firearms for our protection. An armed society is a polite society. An unarmed society is anarchy where only the bad guys have guns and run amok, fearless of being shot at by the unarmed citizenry.

We must fight this anti gun virulent rhetoric from the left who only sees crisis like this one as a possible way to disarm the citizens and therefore make their ultimate plan of control easier.

We are not Australians. We are not like the people in countries that gave up their firearms without a fight. We are not going to cave like them. We cannot. WE ARE AMERICANS.

The second amendment was put in to protect we, the people, from a tyrannical government, just like the one in power now after stealing the 2020 election. At no other time in modern history has our nation been so divided and the risk to our constitutional republic been so great as under this illegal and I believe treasonous and certainly evil Biden administration.

I grieve for all the families involved in that school in Texas. I pray for them all. I cannot imagine the hurt and pain they are all feeling.

I grieve that those families have to listen to leftist political idealists using the murder of their children for political gain.

My point is that we need to be looking at the real issues here, mental illness, and not just allowing the lefts rhetoric on gun control to allow us to weaken our resolve to keep the right to own and bare arms. It is not a gun problem. It is a mental and social problem.

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