FLORIDA: Sarasota County Sheriff implements ‘Single Officer Response Model’ to Protect Schools

We received the following video and comments from Sarasota County School Board Member Bridget Ziegler:

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt Hoffman recently shared a video with the community explaining the “Single Officer Response Model” he has put in place in Sarasota County.

This is important information and I encourage you to watch the video below to become more educated about how the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department would respond to an active shooting situation.

School Safety is a top issue in our community. While I am proud of the steps we have taken to secure our schools and the measures I have successfully helped implement, as a mother of school-aged children, I know the work is never done to keep our children safe. We must continue to work together and remain vigilant to ensure the safety of our children.

Bridget Ziegler

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