Video of School Board Dictator Completely Silenced

Damn that last guy with the Aussie accent was great! He wouldn’t be silenced.

This angry father is one of the most enthusiastic critics among a host of furious parents across the country being filmed challenging school boards instituting Critical Race Theory teachings. WATCH: Black Parent Gives Epic Speech On Critical Race Theory:

I remember when Glynnda was speaking to our Polk County Florida Legislative Delegation a few years ago and criticizing judges for not enforcing our Constitutional rights and was interrupted by Keli Stargel saying that she had no right to speak ill of elected Judges – what a bunch of BS.

I have to wonder if little Miss Sara Beth Wyatt as Chair of our School Board would order one of the four Sheriff Deputies present at all of our Polk County School Board meetings to remove us if we spoke to them like this.

We definitely need to try especially if the left in audience keep yelling at us using Sal Alinsky’s 5th Rule for Radicals which is to ridicule your opponents.

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