Russia and Iran Conclude Major 20-Year Energy Deal

Both Russia and Iran are running rings around Old Joe on the global stage. Meanwhile, this will help finance a good bit of Iran’s global jihad adventurism.

Biden humiliated as Russia and Iran strikes major 20-year energy deal

by Antony Ashkenaz, Express, June 3, 2022:

Amid the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has expanded its energy ties with Iran, another country that has butted heads with the US in the past. Diplomats from the two countries discussed the second and third phases of the expansion of the Bushehr nuclear plant with Iran, which was built by Russia. Meanwhile, energy companies from Moscow are also set to play a larger role in Iran’s petrochemical industry, posing another hurdle for Western countries that are desperately trying to end their reliance on Russian fossil fuel exports.

The European Union is heavily dependent on Russian gas, having imported 40 percent of its supply from Moscow in 2021.

Last week, Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander Novak, headed a high-level delegation to Iran to discuss their alliance.

According to Iran’s Petroleum Minister, Javad Owji, Russia has already allocated part of its $5billion (almost £4billion) funds promised for Iranian energy, agricultural, and transport projects.

Russia and Iran plan to expand their annual trade to at least $40billion within the next three years.

According to Mr Owji, Tehran and Moscow will significantly increase their cooperation in the financial and banking sector, oil, gas, petrochemicals, and nuclear energy.

He also noted that the two countries have agreed to conduct their bilateral trade in their own currency.

This deal could be a huge boost for rubles, which took a major hit after Western countries sanctioned nearly all aspects of the Russian economy following the invasion of Ukraine….



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