Lyin’ Biden Hits the Talk Show Circuit

Good morning Joey Kahn,

Diversionary Tactics

Well, it is finally here. I speak of the orchestrated Chardonnay Pelosi and gangs, diversion. The 1/6 kangaroo court just ahead of the midterm elections. You know Joey Kahn, to (try) and take the attention away from the dumpster fire referred to as, the Biden Crime Family Administration, and ALL their failed policies. This according to those radical right wingers, those darn white supremacist’s.

Is This Joey’s Idea of a Press Conference?

I don’t see it that way at all, that this installed administration is an absolute disaster. I think little Joey is doing a bang up job. Just ask him, he will tell you how great things are going. See…….that’s all you need, forget about all the data that says otherwise. Did you see him knock it out of the park last night on Jimmy “lapdog” Kimmel’s show. It was like listening to JKF, Barack Hussein and Bubba Clinton, rolled into one. What an articulate, orating genius. Mind-boggling actually. I’m sure most intelligent American citizens, feel the same way……..even though I understand ratings were in the toilet.

Of course, those conservatives threw water on Lyin’ Biden’s parade again. Calling this desperate attempt (to actually Lie) to fool viewer’s ……a complete embarrassment. They liken it to visiting a grandfather at the senior center, while he rambles on incoherently. Maybe he was exhausted from trying to climb (tripping) up the stairs to Air Force One again…….darn wind!

Kimmel: Democratic Stooge

Was Jimmy Kimmel (former comedian, now political arm of the DNC) going to kiss him? It was getting a little too close for comfort, as he looked lovingly into Joey Talibiden’s eyes as he tried to formulate words……very touching and sincere. Helping Joey finish his sentences, it was awe inspiring. Conservatives suggested next time this liberal hack just sit him in his lap and stroke his hair plugs, and tickle him under his face lifted chin. Embarrassing is a gross understatement! You have to love the fact that he hasn’t done a totally unscripted press conference YET, and his handlers think this is a formidable substitute. Absolutely hilarious. Wouldn’t you agree Joey Kahn, highly respected Executive Editor, …..ahem.

I see, right on cue your tabloid is flooding it’s iconic front page with your propaganda, sorry, I mean honest, unbiased reporting. I love the compensated Op-Ed writer stating, “Liz Cheney Will Not Tolerate Trump’s Lies.” Is this like the Russian collusion farce? You know where everything you accuse elected President Trump of, is actually the blueprint of the Nazi, sorry I mean Democratic Party. Of course, I’m pointing to Beijing Biden’s inability to tell the truth…….at all. He does it with ease, very sociopathic of him. He could give ole Hillary Rodham, Chuckles Schumer, or Chardonnay Pelosi a run for their money. Hilarious.

How much longer is his loving wife “Dr.” Jill going to let her dementia ridden husband be used as Barry’s puppet. I mean when she started dating Joey (while still married) she must have felt something for him. Tell me she has not fallen into the Svengali-like trance of Hunter (former crack addict/now famous artist), like his brother’s widow Hallie.

Now Joey Kahn, I know you are still smarting from your ridiculous photo shoot in your office recently. The one of you reading your tabloid, in your stocking feet on the floor of your office…yikes. Has anyone been fired for this enormous snafu? But, you must get back on track. We need more apolitical, highly moral reporting that the Old Gray Lady is known for. So what, if most say your tabloid is now considered a few notches below The National Inquirer . As long as Slushy is signing those big checks, who really cares, right Joey?

Get Back to Work

So focus champ……..INSURRECTION, INSURRECTION, INSURRECTION, maybe some Russian collusion sans Hillary’s input, of course. Remember no coverage of inflation, the treason being committed at the border, baby formula, violent crime exploding (in Democratic cities), etc, etc, etc. You see that Joey, I said that 3 times. It’s a little trick I picked up from the Houseplant masquerading as a leader last night. When he said, “we have the strongest economy in the world, the world, the world.” See, that is all you need to do. The hell with the actual facts, just Joey doing what he does best…….pathologically lying! Some have even said this would apply to your tabloid as well as WAPO, CNN, MSNBC, network news….well you get the idea.

Remember to deflect, omit and if that fails, just lie. Amazing how some can look themselves in the mirror, eh Joey. Of course, I’m talking about white supremacist’s.

‘Printing the news that is fit to print.” Absolutely hilarious!!


Chris Cirino

©Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

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