VIDEO: A Warning from Dutch MP Simone Kerseboom ‘Stand up against the utopia of the WEF autocrats’

I agree fully with what this lady says in this video. She is a Dutch parliamentarian for the opposition.

Watch MP Simone Kerseboom’s “Stand up against the utopia of the WEF autocrats


The gathering of the World Economic Forum, the most prominent meeting of the world’s elites, finally took place in Davos at the end of May, after a two-year break thanks to Covid. The usual suspects, from Bill Gates downwards, were all there. Panel discussions on all sorts of topics, including freedom of the press, ”misinformation”, transhumanism, globalization, the energy transition, and the food crisis, were part of the agenda. A place for world leaders to discuss plans for limiting freedom of speech and vocally predicting the loss of wealth and welfare of normal citizens. You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

The end of free will: transhumanism and the WEF

MP Simone Kerseboom warns us of the return of totalitarianism imposed by the globalist elite through transhumanism.

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