Is all this acceptable?

We hear that we are expected to celebrate Pride week and/or Pride Month. Regardless of our personal beliefs either moral or religious. We are called bigots and homophobes if we don’t. Five brave players from our Tampa Bay Rays refused to wear the Pride flag patch on a Pride celebratory game and have been hated on ever since.

As tax payers we are expected to have our taxes used for flags, bunting and celebrations for Pride and to celebrate their so called achievements. If we disagree we are called bigots and homophobes.

As apparently non-equal citizens our opinions on if our kids are to be taught disgusting sexually based education from age 5 up seems to be ignored by public officials paid with our taxes.

Equally our opinions on drag queens and transgendered persons being allowed to read perverted books to our young children in public funded libraries also are ignored. We are called … you guessed it Bigots and homophobes plus the normal racist!

Our beliefs, our own thoughts are totally irrelevant to the left and the ever increasing aggressively militant LGBTQUI movement. We are not tolerated, even though we are in the majority, and as I mentioned expected to celebrate their lifestyle despite our solidly held beliefs.

There is but one opinion that matters increasingly to the left and their friendly pocket pets, the MSM, and that is the leftist agenda. Dare to differ and even worse differ publicly and verbally and you are cancelled. You lose work, your job, your reputation as they spread lies and disinformation about you, cancel your social media and generally make your life hell.

We are expected to attend Gay Pride parades and celebrations, despite the immoral talk, clothing and actions of the many participants. I mean, do we really have to see scantily dressed men in black chaps and other leather wear or even worse, dressed as God knows what? Do we need to see females that are increasingly trying to look, sound and act more masculine than men?


I do not celebrate Gay Pride hour, day, week, month or year.

I do not agree with the destruction they have caused to my beloved military, reducing standards and our battle readiness.

I hate that every show I used to enjoy on TV has become a Gay Fest, with men kissing men, women kissing women and even same sex sexual acts. I am unable to watch much TV anymore and have to carefully screen the shows, taping them first so I can fast forward adverts but also turn it off or fast forward when those actions are about to occur.

I know Gay people. I do not hate them. I like some of them. (By that I mean I don’t like that many people!). What they do behind their closed doors is between them and God. Believe me, one day they will have to answer to Him. It’s not my business.

I do not accept or believe in Gay marriage. I find it offensive and against everything I believe in. God made two sexes to enable breeding. Regardless to what any of these people think they are on any given day, they have X or Y chromosomes. Male or female regardless to what they remove or add to their bodies.

I do believe my opinion is valid. I am always prepared to talk and debate anyone with differing opinions in a friendly fashion but find the left and most in the LGBTQUI community, cannot discuss but only aggressively attack and name call.

I understand the above is my opinion but hey guys, this is my blog! If it is your opinion too then stand up firmly against this evil indoctrination.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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