Bill Maher Rips Hollywood For Promoting The ‘Romanticization Of Gun Violence’

Bill Maher thinks Hollywood is partially responsible for gun violence in America.

Following multiple horrific mass shootings in America, people have been debating and trying to figure out ways to solve the issue. Maher thinks Hollywood should take a hard look in the mirror.

“It’s funny. Hollywood is the wokest place on Earth, and every other area of social responsibility. They have intimacy coordinators on set to chaperone sex scenes. They hire sensitivity readers to go through and read scripts. Disney stood up to the “Don’t Say Gay” law. Another studio spent $10 million to digitally remove Kevin Spacey from a movie. But when it comes to the unbridled romanticization of gun violence, crickets,” Maher said during the Friday night episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

You can listen to his full comments below.

Honestly, I understand what Maher is saying, but I hate blaming movies and video games for gun violence. Personally, it seems like a cop out and an easy excuse to blame.

Think about how many people watch violent movies and play violent video games every year. It’s probably a number that is borderline impossible to calculate.

Yet, we don’t see massacres every single day. If violent movies were truly the motivating factor, we’d probably see a lot more violence than we do. That’s just my humble opinion, but that is how I see it.

Now, is Hollywood full of massive hypocrites on guns? Without a doubt. They want to disarm you while promoting guns in movies in order to get rich.

It’s beyond sickening, but that’s a bit of a different point than what Maher was making.

Let us know in the comments if you think Hollywood’s “romanticization of gun violence” is a problem or not.



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