VIDEO: Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown Shares Exclusive Message on Sham January 6th Kangaroo Committee

A reader sent us the following statement from Jeremy Brown who was arrested and is now in prison for supporting President Donald J. Trump.

Candidate Jeremy Brown for the Florida House of Representatives arrested for supporting President Trump speaks out

My name is Jeremy Brown. I’m a 20 year retired US Army Special Forces master sergeant and combat veteran. Currently I’m a January 6 political prisoner of war, and Florida House of Representatives candidate on the ballot in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Coming up, I’m coming to you today on the 253rd day of my illegal, unconstitutional imprisonment to advise and warn the American people that what you’re about to see is part of this compromised government’s well orchestrated and highly produced lie meant to target the minds and perceptions of the uninformed and misinformed masses with the intent to demonize and dehumanize their opposition. This opposition is not Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, left or right, black, white or brown. Their opponents are anyone that disagrees or even asks questions about their false authority, and their anti-American anti-human, and anti-liberty agenda. Their goal is to take down America and build back better in a form suitable to their authoritarian utopia dreamland, also known as the Great Reset.

Just look around.

They are destroying every aspect of what made this the most free and powerful nation on Earth. Their goal is to convince us that we are global citizens, not Americans. They are doing this through an order-out-of-chaos strategy, and they are attempting to divide the power of the Americans by turning us against each other. They need us to blame each other so that we don’t blame and hold them accountable. And who are them, bodies of unelected global elites like the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and many others. They seek to divide us based on race, gender, our children’s education, medical mandates, and even the weather. Their gloves are off, and they have crossed the Rubicon.

Their fake color or cultural revolution has been building for decades. But now it is out in the open for all to see. Those who seek to rule over us must seize total control before you recognize what is going on. But will you recognize it? Will you see it for what it is? Look around you. Look at your children. Look at your supermarket shelves, your gas tank, your life savings, your workplace, your community, your culture?

Do you see it?

With all of our everyday problems, why do you think gun control and domestic terrorism are the DC topics of the day? At a time when violent crime and property crime are skyrocketing faster than inflation and gas prices, your government wants you disarmed. While your tax dollars are sending free guns to Ukraine, they want to take your guns away. Why? Think about this statement. When politicians want to take away your guns, that is exactly when you need your guns. And the founding fathers knew and lived through this. These criminals know that people are waking up to their corruption, and when the lights come on, they’ll be the rats and roaches running to hide.

What you’re going to see tonight is their attempt to fortify their false narrative, and they hope to use this as their final justification to pass laws making all of us domestic terrorists. Don’t believe me? Duck Duck Go the terms ‘FBI’ and ‘school board.’ Tonight, they’re going to scream their lies loudly and often with much Hollywood drama. They hope you will buy it as truth. Do not be deceived. Let me be 100 percent crystal clear. I’m in maximum security jail because the FBI and Department of Justice know I know the truth.

They are denying me access to evidence in my case for over eight months now because they fear getting the truth getting to you. You see, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force attempted to get me to be part of their fraud. But I turned them down. But I recorded them. And after I started exposing them, they had me arrested and planted evidence to keep me held on serious charges.

They have had me locked away for 253 days in hopes of shutting me up. But that will never happen. Because they are sloppy, soon I will be free. Once I’m free, I predict they will manufacture a new reason to lock me away.

Or maybe they will silence me in other ways. But even in death, I have a plan to expose the truth. Tonight you must watch the so called investigative hearing and realize what you’re watching is a farce. In U.S. Army Pathfinder school you learn the saying, know what right looks like. This means when you know what right looks like, wrong pops out at you and becomes painfully obvious. I beg of you learn about my story. I laid out more details in an open letter titled don’t do nothing. Or you can hear the actual recording of the agents recruiting me at

Listen to my side, a 20 year Special Forces combat vet and compare my account of what happened on January 6, to what you hear and see from these politicians that are responsible for most of the problems in this country and lie to your face for a living. Judge for yourself what rings true to you. God has written the truth on our hearts, so that we know it when we see it or hear it. To defeat their lies, you must know them and understand their intent. If you’re if you’ve never heard my story, maybe you should be wondering why.

I’m running for office from jail no to win, but I am running to warn.

Tonight, gather your family and friends and watch what is going on. But before it starts, open your Bible to Psalms 34 and 35. And see what God proclaims will be the fate of these liars. Then watch with a discerning eye and listen closely to their words. Ask yourself tough questions and then seek the truth on your own. Once you find the truth, don’t do nothing. Because today, America needs us to be Americans. Today, it’s time for Patriots, not politicians, warriors, not wimps, leaders, not leeches, champions, not cowards. It is time for Winter Soldiers to defend our republic, not sunshine patriots who profit from its destruction.

Evil tells you who they are, and we must believe them.

My name is Jeremy Brown inmate 1875858, and this is my warning to America.

God bless you, your families and the truth seekers. May God hear our prayers and cries for liberty and justice to be restored.

De Oppresso liber [Free the Oppressed]— liberty or death.

To learn more visit:


Family Man

I am a Retired Special Forced Combat Veteran and American who was born in Kentucky to a single Mom, raised in North Carolina by my World War II Veteran Grandfather, stationed across the country, deployed around the world and retired here in Tampa. I am a product of the American Dream.

My military awards and decorations pale in comparison to my greatest accomplishment and reward: my five intelligent, talented, and caring daughters. Since retirement I built a small business and a wonderful new life in Tampa with my girlfriend and partner of over eight years. It is my love for my family, the Tampa Bay community, Florida, and America that motivates me to continue the fight for the promises of our Forefathers: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Distinguished Military Career

I’ve served my community and country my entire life, from being a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT to a twenty-year military career serving in the US Army’s Elite Special Operations Community with the 1st Ranger Battalion, three different Special Forces Groups (1st, 7th, & 5th) and Special Operations Command-Central (SOCCENT). I’ve served in seventeen countries on five of the seven continents including numerous combat tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and “non-declared” combat environments and been awarded 2 Bronze Stars.

©Jeremy Brown, Master Sergeant, U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.). All rights reserved.

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  1. Gary Cramer
    Gary Cramer says:

    Jeremy Brown,
    I am 100% with you on ALL the issues you mentioned because it is the truth
    God speed,
    Gary G. Cramer, Christian & Patriot


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