Are Democrats Willing to Assassinate a SCOTUS to Appoint a Liberal Judge?

We saw this tweet by Mr. America and it struck a nerve.

Title 18, Section 1507 of the U.S. Code, which was enacted in 1950 states that it is illegal to picket or parade in front of a courthouse or a judge’s home “with the intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge.”

It is the duty of the president, as the chief law enforcement officer of the nation, and his administration to enforce Title 18, Section 1507 of the U.S. Code.

However, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., the DOJ, FBI and his administration are doing just the opposite.

The former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made this statement Tuesday, May 10th, 2022 on behalf of President Biden:

“I know that there’s an outrage right now, I guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date, and we certainly do continue to encourage that, outside judges’ homes, and that’s the president’s position.”

Watch the video:

In a The Hill article Andrew McCarthy wrote,

“To be clear, it is a criminal offense to picket or parade near a residence of a federal judge for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a judicial proceeding. It is not a defense that the behavior is nonviolent. When a statutory crime does not necessarily involve forcible conduct, the fact that people commit it ‘peacefully is irrelevant.”

Matt Margolis, in a Jun 09th, 2022 PJ Media article wrote,

According to a recently released poll, nearly half of male Democrats under the age of 50 (44 %) say it’s acceptable to assassinate a politician “who is harming the country or our democracy,” the highest percentage of any age/gender/party demographic.

Here’s a tweet with the shocking results,

The Democrats have used various tactics to change the composition of the courts including: George Soros funding the campaigns of local District Attorneys who are soft on crime, to wanting to pack the courts at every level including increasing the number of SCOTUS justices.

We now have a abortion terrorist who planned on killing Justice Bret Kavanaugh.

So, is the question asked by Mr. America realistic? The answer is yes. Why? Because those causing this mayhem identify themselves with Ruth Bader Ginsberg calling themselves “Ruth Sent Us.”

It’s clear they wan pro-abortionist justices. Biden already has appointed one. Kill three more justices and Biden gets three more picks before his term ends.

We report, you decide.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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