TAKE ACTION: Sarasota, Florida GOP HQ Vandalized! Hate Has No Home Here!

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A Leftist – possessing weapons and zip ties on his way to commit an assassination – was recently arrested outside the home of a Conservative Supreme Court Justice. Outside of some brief initial coverage, the attempted assassination faded from the headlines FAST.

Locally – A Leftist Antifa and anti-2nd Amendment Thug vandalized our Sarasota GOP HQ in the middle of the night (photos below). No coverage by the local media.

PHOTO 1: Picture of vandal.

PHOTO 2: Graffiti 

PHOTO 3: Graffiti 

Isn’t it strange that when Democrats are the victims it seems to marinade in the press, while Conservatives get little to no coverage?

Future suggestion: When we are attacked, we will make it clear to the press that we are identifying as Liberal Democrats during the attack. I suspect that will help us receive some fair media coverage.

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  1. 8675310
    8675310 says:

    They don’t teach it in school anymore but this is reminiscent of the Bolshevik/communist revolution in Russia. You would be surprised at how few Americans know that the revolution that overthrew the Czar fostered a democratic, parlimentary government in February 1917. This was called “The White Revolution”. The Bolsheviks were part of that. When elections were held, The Bolsheviks got few votes. Their response was “The Red Revolution” of November 1917.
    Americans need to realize that this is how Marxists respond when they are tantalized by the possibility of having power, as they have been led to believe in the US. If it does not come to fruition, they use strictly, in your face violence.
    If we are not prepared to put it down, as our rogue government won’t, the soviet system will be realized here.


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