AWED MEDIA BALANCED NEWSLETTER: We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

Welcome! We cover COVID to Climate, as well as Energy to Elections.

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— This Newsletter’s Articles, by Topic —


Ukraine gets possible path to EU

Putin lambasts US as acting like ‘God’s messenger,’ claims world order is changing

Ukraine — What You Can Do:

*** Pray for the safety of the Ukrainian people

*** A well-rated source to make a Ukraine donation

COVID-19 — Repeated Important Information:

My webpage ( with dozens of Science-based COVID-19 reports

*** World Council of Health: Early COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

*** COVID-19: What You Need To Know (Physicians for Informed Consent)

*** If you have received a COVID-19 injection, here’s how to Detox

*** Place Your US Order for Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

COVID-19 — Injections:

*** Study: Unvaccinated Had Lower Hospitalizations, Lower Rates Of Severe Disease

*** Survey: Severe COVID ‘Rare’ in People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine

*** The Questions We Are Not Allowed to Ask

*** How the mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines suppress the innate Immune System

*** The Uncensored Truth Behind The COVID-19 Vaccines

*** Dr. Seneff’s interesting new talk about COVID vaccines (short and extended)

Dr Ryan Cole: A Lipid Nanoparticle + a Gene is a Nuclear Bomb

Study: 133x risk of myocarditis after COVID vaccination

Moderna’s mRNA Mystery: Some Things don’t Add Up

Pfizer admits to COVID vaccine clinical trial fraud in federal court

COVID-19 — Injection Mandates:

*** Dr. Kory: Vaccine Exemption Letter For a 16 Year-Old Camp Counselor

*** Short Video: Dispelling the Myth of A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

*** Physician’s Post: Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines I Have Come Across

Pfizer’s own documents admit that mRNA covid vaccines will result in mass depopulation

COVID-19 — Children:

*** How Masks Have Worn Down Children’s Immune Systems

*** Good Feedback to the FDA’s Attempts to Inject 5 and Under for COVID-19

*** Members of Congress Demand Answers on child injections

Pfizer data – kids’ COVID-19 vaccines have terrible efficacy

America is now the only country in the world that authorizes COVID shots for infants

Sweden saved children from lockdown

COVID-19 — Models and Data:

*** 1,287,595 Injuries Reported After COVID Shots, Vaccine Injury Compensation Programs ‘Overwhelmed’

*** Video: Edward Dowd — COVID-19 Vax is the Deadliest Fraud in History

COVID-19 — Misc:

*** 1000 Studies that question the Medical Establishment’s actions on COVID-19

*** Report: Dr Russell Blaylock, COVID UPDATE — What is the truth?

*** Should the patient really get the drug?

*** What’s the difference between absolute and relative risk, and why should I care?

*** Medical Board goes after Dr. McCullough; Sen Johnson calls for Public Hearing

*** They are trying to revoke Dr. Pierre Kory’s license to practice medicine

Fauci tests positive for coronavirus

The Public Health Quacks Got COVID-19 All Wrong

Greed Energy Economics:

*** Backup battery cost fantasies abound

*** Runaway energy prices require a green energy rethink

1000s Of Sydney Homes Plunged Into Darkness As Aussie ‘Price Cap’ Policy Sparks Energy Shortage

Upstate New York will foot the bill for downstate’s clean energy costs

Renewables (General):

*** Clean Green Energy – Net Zero – Fairy Tales on Steroids

*** Renewable Energy — or Reliable Energy — But Not Both

*** The Biden Admin Wants Censorship Of Renewable Energy Critics

*** In the dark on the power struggle: inconvenient truth proves renewables can’t cut it

How will hydropower bolster a renewable energy world?

NYISO: New York Electric Grid Remains at Risk

Wind Energy:

*** Dominion Energy wins, Virginia consumers lose

Invenergy Sues An Iowa County, Uses ‘Nefarious Tactics’ To Push More Wind Turbines

Solar Energy:

*** EPA: ‘Forever chemicals’ pose risk even at very low levels

Biden to Waive Tariffs for 24 Months on Solar Panels Hit by Probe

Biden waives solar tariffs in massive win for China

Nuclear Energy:

*** The energy in nuclear waste could power the U.S. for 100 years

*** Demonizing Nuclear

*** The dam against nuclear energy is cracking

There is a nuclear waste problem; but it’s not what you think

WNISR – False Flag Propaganda

Fossil Fuel Energy:

*** The Revenge Of The Fossil Fuels

*** DEBUNKED and EXPLAINED: No, greedy oil companies are not to blame for gas prices

Gaslighting: Obama installs propane tanks at mansion while pushing green policies

Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas—Not Less

South Africa: Warmism creates blackouts

Energy — Electric Vehicles:

*** EVs Are Unethical and No Solution to High Gas Prices

*** Falsely Powering Up the EV Industry

*** Shock and surprise as UK government scraps all grants for electric cars

Misc Energy:

*** Jay Faison and the ClearPath Foundation: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing?

*** The Naked Truth about Energy Transitions

*** Hydrogen is Unlikely Ever to be a Viable Solution to the Energy Storage Conundrum

*** Experts Sound Alarm on Power Grid Blackouts, EVs

News of NERC is not good for reliability

Manmade Global Warming — Some Deceptions:

*** Impractical quest for global net-zero emissions

*** The Horrible Predictions of Climate Change

*** Climate-Change Censorship: Phase Two

Lake Michigan water levels have dropped to near normal, so yet another climate explanation emerges

Climate change may NOT kill polar bears

Deconstructing Skepticism: The True “FLICC”

Manmade Global Warming — Misc:

*** A scientist’s inconvenient truths about decarbonizing the economy

*** Report: Methane and Climate

Green Doctors: Suitable Cases for Treatment

Energy Price Surge Threatens U.N. Climate Pledge

Questions the Climate Police Won’t Answer

Joe Biden making Weather great again

US Election: (10 major election reports by our team of experts, plus much more!)

*** Election Integrity: Most Voters Still Suspect Cheating – Rasmussen Reports

The White House must come clean on its election agenda

US Election — State Issues:

*** Citizen’s Guide to Building and Election Integrity Infrastructure

*** Dem Congressman Pleads Guilty to Rigging Elections in Pennsylvania

*** Ranked Choice Voting Is a Bad Choice

*** Barr’s claims about the 2020 election are without merit

Study: Heavily Pro-Democrat Tilt of 2020 Election ‘Zuck Bucks’

Preliminary Injunction Sought Against Use of Electronic Voting Machines in Arizona

New NC organization trains volunteers to make elections more secure

High-profile voter fraud prosecutions pile up as election integrity debate rages on

Heritage Report: Best Practices and Standards for Election Audits

US Politics and Socialism:

*** The Sovietization of American Life

*** Scientist Reveals How The New ‘Green Religion’ Is A Socialist Trojan Horse

*** Time to Admit Our Nation is Being Run by Domestic Terrorists and Traitors

*** A good short video by Katie Hopkins

The Great US Wealth Migration

Will SCOTUS Rein in the EPA?

Downtown San Francisco on the brink: It’s worse than it looks

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly oppose transgender athletes in female sports

US Interior order erases litigation website

US Politics and the J6 Committee:

*** RealClearInvestigations’ Jan. 6-BLM Riots Comparison

*** 5 Bombshells The J6 Committee Forgot to Mention

*** Big Truths the Jan. 6 Committee Is Obscuring

Clinton’s Debunked 2016 Russia Hoax Was Far Worse Than What Happened On Jan. 6

Other US Politics and Related:

*** Maverick is still a maverick and we need him more than ever

*** The Inflation Crisis Is Worse Than Admitted

Bad Ideas Have Bad Consequences

Stan Evans: The Fusionist Father

SEC Is Investigating Goldman Sachs Over ESG Funds

Dirty tricks are only more sophisticated 50 years after Watergate

Supreme Court climate case might end regulation

Red Flag Laws now in the U.S. Senate

Californians Fleeing — e.g., to Mexico


*** WEF’s Top 10 Scary Ideas — And How They Could Affect Your Future

*** The WHO Paradox

Dr. Peter Breggin on the Globalists’ Plans to Control Us Through the WHO

Religion Related:

*** Archbishop Viganò: greatest attack on human nature, consciousness and free will

*** “The deep church”, Interview with Archbishop Viganò

Pope Francis’ Deal with Communist China Did Not Work

Education Related:

*** Study: Teens clueless on investing basics

*** About the free speech organization:

The Moral Poverty of Faculty Freedom Fighters

NSBA ‘imploding,’ ‘getting everything it deserves,’ following mass state exodus

Mommas, don’t let your cowboys grow up to be babies

Science and Misc Matters:

*** Facebook Is Receiving Sensitive Medical Information from Hospital Websites

*** Contagious Vaccines: A Warning

Why can’t you remember being born, learning to walk or saying your first words?

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