‘Realistically, What Are They Going to Do?’ Biden Adviser on Gas Prices

Biden is on top of skyrocketing gas prices.

“Not only is there not an extant solution, but nobody thinks there’s going to be a compelling solution,” an outside economic adviser to the White House said. “They’re fighting about narrative rather than fighting about substance, because realistically, what are they going to do?”

What to do?

1. Drop energy taxes

2. Stop announcing that you want to wipe out fossil fuels in the next decade while insisting that companies should invest in more production

3. Stop blocking and sabotaging oil and gas leases

Those are things Biden doesn’t even need to do, but just to stop doing. But of course he’s not. The problem is coming from inside the house. The White House.

When you keep playing arsonist, then you need a hell of a narrative to explain why all the houses burning down isn’t your fault.



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