BREAKING NEWS: MindGeek Layoffs & Leadership Resignations!

Thanks to you, nation and worldwide change is happening right now! The world’s largest sexual exploiter is crumbling before our eyes!

MindGeek, the parent company that owns Pornhub and many of the largest porn sites in the world is under intense pressure. This week, their CEO & COO fled the company and they laid off more than half of their employees!

With your help, NCOSE has been working for over a decade to destabilize this company and the whole exploitation industry. These actions prove that our plan is working! MindGeek is now facing millions of dollars in lawsuits that the NCOSE Law Center has filed and helped to spur!

With the help of thousands, we got mainstream companies to stop running ads on their flagship website – that was 50% of their revenue! We’ve impacted their payment processors & their distribution partners, getting nearly all “respectable” companies to cut ties with them. Together, we have moved governments to take notice and we expect criminal charges soon!

Your help—financially, in prayer, signing our endless number of petitions! – made this possible, Thank you!

What does all of this mean?

Change takes time, but this is happening faster than most thought possible. If we can keep the momentum going, it means:

  • The era of anonymous, affordable, accessible pornography will be over.
  • The endless amount of pornography available online will go away. Many millions of these detrimental videos causing great public health harm will be gone. (Remember, we already got Pornhub to delete 11,000,000 videos in 2020!)
  • The extreme violence, the child-teen themed, the racist, incest, voyeuristic and other extreme common themes In pornography will be drastically reduced.
  • With this business model failing, you won’t see as many of these giant websites.
  • The impunity enjoyed by the online pornography industry for decades is ending.
  • Soon, thousands of survivors of sex trafficking, rape, child sexual abuse and other non-consensually recorded/shared material will get their lives back and won’t have to live in fear that their abuse will be seen by their neighbors, coworkers, and families.

Please consider a donation to help continue this momentum!

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