Marxist Attorney General & Leader of Department of Injustice in Ukraine

Merritt Garland, the unlawful Attorney General who leads the Department of Injustice went to Ukraine.

Following is what this extreme hypocrite told reporters speaking about alleged war crimes,

“We and our partners will make sure those responsible will be held accountable.”


What about these people being held accountable for their crimes?

  • The lawless rioters, looters, murderers in BLM and Antifa who were encouraged by Democrats like Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters to destroy cities and harass Republicans after the George Floyd incident? Have they been held accountable?
  • The millions of illegal aliens including criminals and terrorists streaming across our southern border over last 15 months in violation of our existing immigration laws – have they been held accountable?
  • The FBI operatives who along with BLM and Antifa agents encouraged people to storm the capitol on Jan. 6th, 2021 – have they been held accountable? Why haven’t the political prisoners detained been treated humanely and with Due Process?
  • The unarmed woman murdered by a BLM sympathizing Capitol Police Lt and another woman who was trampled and a D.C. Municipal Police Officer beat her while she was on the ground and refused to call for an ambulance and the woman later died – have they been held accountable? It is a lie that any law enforcement officer died as a result of protestor action.
  • Why has Garland not been concerned about protestors outside the homes of SOCTUS Justices?
  • Why has Garland totally politicized the FBI and its agents under his supervision?
  • What about Garland calling parents peacefully protesting at School Board meetings “domestic terrorists” and calling for their arrest?

Holding Democrat, socialist, leftists criminals accountable is NOT on the agenda of Merritt Garland – quite the opposite – he and the Department of Injustice shield them. They have removed the blindfold from the Lady of Justice. They are no longer objective and we have a 2-tiered system of INJUSTICE.

How can the chief law enforcement officer of the land allow such lawlessness to happen without taking any action or conducting total whitewashed “investigations”?

Thank God and POTUS Trump that this evil man was not confirmed for the SCOTUS.

His actions/inactions prove he is a prominent member of the anti-Constitution Deep State.

As always comments are welcomed.

Remember, “Tyranny Hates to Be Questioned”

©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.


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