Get Woke, Go Broke: Netflix Massacre – 300 Employees Axed in Largest Layoff Since Subscriber Downturn

I generally do not applaud such news but these woke companies have so disabused their customers, this is well deserved. They can shove their relentless poisonous propaganda back down the hole they crawled out of.

Jedimaster Trump tweeted to P Smith

So not Cuties…

I am shocked that the population is not 80% African American, 45% Gay, Transgender, and 100% in support of Grooming Children…

No wonder Netflix swung from 700 a share to 170…

Maybe they should try catering to the actual population Demographics and Sensibilities

Netflix Massacre: 300 Employees Axed in Largest Layoff Since Subscriber Downturn

By: David Ng, Breitbart, 23 Jun 2022:

The bloodletting at Netflix continued on Thursday as the far-left-wing streamer axed an additional 300 employees worldwide, or about 3 percent of its workforce — the company’s largest layoff since its subscriber downturn in the first quarter.

Netflix handed out pink slips to 216 staffers in the U.S. and Canada, with the remainder of the cuts coming from other regions throughout the world. according to an official statement sent to multiple news outlets.

In May, the streamer laid off 150 employees, or 2 percent of its workforce, as part of its ongoing efforts to cut spending amid a catastrophic subscriber forecast for the months ahead. Netflix said it could lose up to 2 million subscribers in the coming months after unexpectedly losing 200,000 customers in the first quarter of the year.

Reed Hastings, chief executive officer of Netflix Inc., speaks during a news conference in Tokyo, Japan, on Monday, June 27, 2016.

Those layoffs were preceded by smaller staffing cuts in Netflix’s animation department and in-house fan site, Tudum.

Netflix leaders described Thursday’s layoffs as ” very hard for everyone – creating a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.”



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