OPEN LETTER TO KROGER: Stop Pulling Patriotic Items From Your Shelves!

Dear Kroger,

Do you have any idea how offensive it is for our once-favorite grocery chain to pull patriotic items from its shelves? Do you have any idea where we shall buy our groceries, floral items, paper products, and other such products because your grocery chain has favored those who denounce America over those who embrace this country that embraced our legal immigrant parents fleeing from Nazi atrocities?

Our family fled the remnants of Europe after seven years as Jewish slaves, easy targets of the Nazis who disarmed the populace in order to enslave them and extinguish their lives. We Americans are proud to have ended World War II, which we did not commence but had to intervene in, at grave costs of American lives and limbs and minds.

Removing patriotic products from Kroger’s customers is a bitter reminder of the ugly past that forced “America the Beautiful” to die to defeat National Socialism; for it is today’s socialists who actively disrespect America’s history, Constitution, and traditions, seeking to impose their dictates upon the American People by pressuring corporations to appease their socialist demands.

In short, we love the country that loves us and the corporations that respect this nation.


Beverly Newman
Daughter of a Holocaust Survivor

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