A 20 Megaton Atom Bomb Is Going To Drop on Elections in America Soon

As we pause to celebrate our freedoms this July 4th, I believe our Forefathers would be appalled at how the gift of this exceptional Nation they sacrificed and fought for has so radically changed from what they presented. They would, however, recognize a fighting remnant developed to expose the corruption and far-reaching tyranny that has become the norm. Our founders would further recognize the ferocious assault on America’s freedoms has diabolical dimensions, and a great spiritual conflict is raging across the Land. The church at-large is silent, Christians across the country are weak and unprepared to stand against such growing darkness, but a fighting remnant is developing. I believe our nation was founded by God with a special calling, and the original settlers and colonists, for the very most part, knew in their hearts that they were to live in submission (cooperation) to God, not walk blindly to the call of government. We were to truly become “one nation under God.” I further believe we are in such serious trouble because we have forgotten this covenant; in fact we have become even cynical about it, and we, as a people, have thrown away our Christian heritage.

The below link will take you to the Pete Santilli Show with his guest Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem, one of the remnant that has developed. Rep. Finchem has fought the good fight to expose the very sophisticated and nefarious corruption in the 2020 national election. A growing remnant has come along to join the fight and expose the heinous acts of corporate, political and community members who deliberately under-minded our founders great gift of free elections and truly people representative government. But then the same cabal has fought to cover-up any evidence, and then going further, has spun a horrific story of doubt and confusion, fairy tale and lies to bring further division and confusion, and time to hopefully get away.

The interview below will open your eyes to the sobering forces at work, many still invisible but prayerfully the Lord will redeem our country from falling off the cliff. We are surely being humbled with more coming, but I also choose to believe if God’s People will humble themselves, seek Him and cry out for forgiveness, turn from our selfish and secular ways back unto the Lord who founded this nation, I believe He will hear from Heaven.

WATCH: BOOM! A 20 Megaton Atom Bomb Is Going To Drop on Elections in America Soon on the

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