Farmer Uprising in The Netherlands

Tomorrow, on the 4th of July, there will be massive protests by Dutch farmers against the Dutch government.

The Dutch government led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte (a fake conservative) wants to drive large numbers of farmers off their lands. Dutch farmers are among the best in the world and they supply the Dutch population with high quality food, every day.

The reason that the government needs to intervene is supposedly to save Nature. They claim that the farmers and their cattle produce too much Nitrogen.

In reality; they want their land to build houses on for mass numbers of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Mostly Muslims.

Explained: Why are Dutch farmers protesting over emissions?

Some 40,000 farmers gathered last week in the central Netherlands’ agricultural heartland to protest the government’s plan to slash emissions of damaging pollutants. What is the government proposing, and why are farmers protesting?

By: AP | The Hague | Updated: July 3, 2022 10:01:39 pm

Farmers protested around the Netherlands as lawmakers voted Tuesday on proposals to slash emissions of damaging pollutants, a plan that will likely force farmers to cut their livestock herds or stop work altogether.

The government says emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which livestock produce, must be drastically reduced close to nature areas that are part of a network of protected habitats for endangered plants and wildlife stretching across the 27-nation European Union.

As tractors gathered outside the parliament building, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said farmers have the right to protest but not to break the law.

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Si vis Pacem para Bellum

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