Cases of Gay STD Monkeypox Reported in Children

“If Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease, why are kids getting it?” — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Twitter.

How did children contract a predominately gay sexually transmitted disease? And why is no one asking that question?

  • Men who have sex with men are at the highest risk of infection right now from monkeypox, according to the WHO.
  • About 99% of cases are among men, and at least 95% of those patients are men who have sex with other men, according to WHO official Rosamund Lewis.
  • WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said men who have sex with men should consider limiting their sexual partners to lower their risk of infection and reduce the spread. The WHO chief called on media, public health authorities and government to fight stigma and discrimination, which he said will only fuel the outbreak.

Two Cases of Monkeypox STD Reported in Children

By: Daniel, News For You, July 28, 2022:

One of the roles of our government, and especially the mainstream media with is basically just a sidekick to the government, is to push propaganda and make sure that Americans live in fear.
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There is always something out there that is trying to kill us. It might be the virus that has plagued us since 2020, or murder hornets, or Ebola, or H1N1, or brain-eating bacteria. But right now, it’s monkeypox.

Many people are afraid of contracting monkeypox and have no idea what to do about it. Instead, they just live in fear. I bet people are wearing masks again because of monkeypox.

The solution is rather straightforward though, don’t have g*y s*x. This is an STD, and it is mostly affecting the LGBTQ community.

Now, they’re trying to scare people by letting everyone know that two children have contracted the disease in California. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene asked a good question about this:

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