PODCAST: Trump’s ’24 Plan to Drain Swamp & public trust in the media is approaching rock bottom.



Dick Morris, really needs no introduction. He’s a political author and commentator, pollster, political campaign consultant, and general political consultant. He has a new book out “The Return”

TOPIC: Trump Has ’24 Plan to Drain Swamp!


Timothy Head is the executive director for the Faith & Freedom Coalition. Tim has extensive media experience in over 100 outlets and publications such as Fox News, National Review, Christian Post, Washington Examiner, The Hill, The Jerusalem Post and many more. Prior to joining Faith & Freedom, Tim worked in public policy as the district director for a member of the Texas congressional delegation. He also has served as chief of staff and as policy advisor to members of the Texas Legislature and worked on the Republican Party of Texas’ 2010 Victory Texas effort.

TOPIC: Public’s trust in the media is approaching rock bottom!

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