VIDEOS: Florida Governor DeSantis says Gender Affirming Care ‘Wrong’ and Floridians should Sue Doctors who Castrate Young Boys

We are seeing at least one governor who is fighting back against the “queering” of America’s children. His name is Ron DeSantis, the governor of the Sunshine State.

He has:

  1. Signed legislation to keep sex out of K-3 public school classrooms.
  2. Taken on Disney on their attempts to groom children for sex.
  3. Taken on teachers unions who want to queer pubic school classroom with gender ideology.
  4. Refused to cow tow to Biden on his policies and mandates.
  5. Defended parents and protected Florida’s children.
  6. Removed mathematics books that teach CRT and push social agendas rather than teach mathematics. See teaching Queer Mathematics.

Now Governor DeSantis is taking a stand against gender affirming care and the castration of young boys.


DeSantis: Gender Affirming Care for Young Children Is ‘Wrong’

DeSantis: SUE Doctors who Castrate Young Boys

We fully agree that this national effort to queer our underaged children is both wrong and is child abuse. Those who do it from the public school house to the White House must be held accountable.

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