NYC’s Mayor Adams’ Immigration Theater of the Absurd

It is time for NYC to end deadly “Sanctuary Policies.”

Out of obvious frustration with the current immigration crisis along the U.S./Mexican border Texas Governor Greg Abbott has resorted to sending busloads of illegal aliens caught entering the United States illegally in his state along the Mexican border, to New York City, Washington, DC and other cities far from the southern border to publicize the situation that Texans face because of Biden’s immigration policies.

On August 5, 2022, The Texas Tribune reported, Gov. Greg Abbott says Texas is now busing migrants to New York City

Here is an excerpt from that report:

The back and forth is steeped in political tensions as the Republican governor — running for reelection and considered a potential presidential candidate — tries to show that Democratic mayors are not as sympathetic to the plight of migrants as their party claims to be. Abbott’s critics have said he is using migrants as pawns in a cynical plot that does little to actually solve border problems.

Caught in the middle is President Joe Biden, who Abbott has long blamed for the border situation. Bowser has turned to the administration for help, asking last month for the Department of Defense to deploy the National Guard to her city. CNN reported Friday morning that the Pentagon has denied Bowser’s request.

New York also still wants help from the federal government.

“NYC will continue to welcome asylum seekers w/ open arms, as we have always done, but we still need support from DC,” Levy, the Adams spokesperson, said on Twitter.

Abbott sent a letter Monday to Adams and Bowser inviting them to the border region to “see firsthand the dire situation.” In rebuffing Abbott’s invitation, a spokesperson for Adams said Abbott should focus on helping “asylum seekers in Texas as we have been hard at work doing in New York City.”

It is incredible, that according this this report, that President Joe Biden is “caught in the middle.”  Biden’s actions and lack of actions are a principle cause of this disaster. In reality, America and Americans are actually “caught in the middle!”

Perhaps, as I noted in a recent article, Joe is motivated by greed, Profiteers of Biden Administration’s Open Borders Policy Malfeasance has it rewards.

Remarkably, New York Mayor Adams is incensed that several bus loads of illegal aliens have been sent to his city by Governor Abbott but has been notably silent about the The Midnight Flights of the Biden Administration.

It is also worth noting that Adams reefers to these illegal aliens as “asylum seekers.”  While it is true that many have filed applications for asylum, the vast majority of those applications have no merit and will be denied.  Most of these illegal aliens are not political refugees but are simply fleeing poverty and crime in their home countries.  Political asylum is only granted to aliens who can prove Credible Fear that because of their race, religion, ethnicity, political ideology or other such factors face persecution, or worse in their home countries.  Once again Adams has opted to use language to obfuscate the truth about illegal immigration and provide illegal aliens with a level of legitimacy to which they are not truly entitled.

This is the equivalent of describing a homeless person with no job and no means of support as “An aspiring millionaire” because he/she purchased a lottery ticket!

Some of the reporters who are covering the “crisis on the Southern Border,” created and exacerbated by the Biden Administration, have breathlessly declared, “Now every border is a border state!”

The reality is that I have been making that point for decades I stated that “every state is a border state,” but for far different reasons.

Consider my prepared testimony when I testified at a hearing conducted on March 13, 2013 by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the topic: Building An Immigration System Worthy Of American Values

Every state is indeed a border state, but not simply because aliens who run our southern border and enter without inspection make their way to cities and states across our nation, but rather because while most “journalists” are fixated on the dangerous 2,000 mile U.S./Mexican border they ignore the northern border of the United States that is roughly twice as long as the Mexican border.  They ignore the more than 1,500 miles that separates Alaska from Canada and they ignore the 95,000 miles of coastline that encircles the United States.  Finally, they ignore the international airports that are scattered across the United States in virtually every state.

Furthermore it is an absurdity to think that if it were not for Governor Abbott there would be no illegal aliens in the Big Apple.  In reality, the impact of sending busloads of illegal aliens to NYC is a bit like sending a couple of truckloads of sand to the beach!

In point of fact, on March 11, 2019 the Pew Research Center published a report, 20 metro areas are home to six-in-ten unauthorized immigrants in U.S. that stated, in part,

By far the biggest unauthorized immigrant populations in 2016 were in the New York (1.1 million) and Los Angeles metro areas (925,000). Both metros had unauthorized immigrant populations that exceeded the statewide total in every state except California and Texas. No other metro area approached a million. Meanwhile, the smallest unauthorized immigrant populations among the top 20 areas were in Austin and Charlotte (100,000 each).

Where “Border States” are concerned, New York State hits the “Trifecta”- it borders on Canada to the north and has a number of international airports, seaports and an extensive coastline.

My recent commentary, Biden’s Immigration Policies Vs. National Security & Public Safety included this excerpt:

On June 6, 1993 a dilapidated and vermin-infested boat, the Golden Venture ran aground in the Rockaways, a coastal neighborhood in Queens, New York.  On board were some 300 illegal aliens from China who had paid alien smugglers thousands of dollars to enter the United States without inspection and they hoped, without detection.

On June 7, 2018 a local newspaper, The Rockaway Times, published a detailed report about that event, The Golden Venture: 25 Years Later.

For decades New York City and New York States implemented “Sanctuary Polices” that undermine national security and public safety and violate the findings and recommendations of the 9/11 Commission.

Indeed, on February 27, 2003 I testified at a hearing conducted by the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims on the topic: New York City’s `Sanctuary’ Policy And The Effect Of Such Policies On Public Safety, Law Enforcement, And Immigration

Mayor Adams is now seeking financial assistance for the Biden Administration to help the city cope with the economic impact of illegal immigration.  This actually something that I agree with- provided, of course that in exchange for such assistance he immediately end the dangerous “sanctuary policies” that for decades have drawn record numbers of illegal aliens to New York City.  As for the costs, way back in December 2007 the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a report, The Impact of Unauthorized Immigrants on the Budgets of State and Local Governments that included this excerpt:

In a separate study, the Pew Hispanic Center estimated that in 2004, more than 50 percent of those children who were them- selves unauthorized immigrants and almost 60 percent of adult unauthorized immigrants were uninsured. Moreover, 25 percent of those children who, by virtue of their birth, were U.S. citizens—but whose parents were unauthorized immigrants—also lacked health insurance. In terms of public education, unauthorized immigrants who are minors increase the overall number of students attending public schools, and they may also require more educational services than do native-born children because of a lack of proficiency in English. Analyses from several states indicate that the costs of educating students who did not speak English fluently were 20 percent to 40 percent higher than the costs incurred for native-born students.

In addition to differences in the types of services that federal, state, and local governments provide and the extent to which the unauthorized population participates in those programs, the income that unauthorized immigrants earn and the taxes they pay also contribute to their net impact on state and local budgets. Unauthorized immigrants typically earn less than do native-born citizens and other immigrant groups and, partly as a result . . .

Nearly 5 years ago I wrote about how NYC’s “Sanctuary” policies attract foreign drug traffickers, fugitives and terrorists in my article, New York City: Hub For The Deadly Drug Trade.  

Now, incredibly things have not just gotten worse, but insane- as I wrote, recently, Sanctuary Cities Now Provide Sanctuary For Deadly Illegal DrugsThe NYC Health Dept. shows how to use them “safely.”

Sanctuary policies of New York and other cities and states provide a powerful magnet that draw aspiring illegal aliens from around the world to enter the United States, by whatever means possible.  This simply adds more pressure to our borders and overwhelmed immigration system.

Adams is a former NYPD Captain and, I suspect this is why he won the election for Mayor.  New York voters wanted a mayor who would truly be the “new sheriff” in town who would restore safety to our communities and end the pervasive violence and bloodshed in what had been “America’s safest big city” until the lunatic Left implemented bail reform and other measures that protect criminals and endanger law abiding residents.

It is time for Eric Adams to end his histrionics and actually seek to “serve and protect” New Yorkers and Americans!

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