The Gray Hair Deception

This issue has been bothering me for quite some time.

It began when out of the blue the majority of FOX NEWS male newscasters begin to display unjustifiable Gray Hair from one day to the next.

The most obvious was that the different newscasters each day displayed Gray Hair in different places and different quantities! As far as I know that is unnatural. Sometimes some younger newscasters also displayed different quantities of Gray Hair per day. I thought that I was getting crazy! This cannot be!

I found this very odd because FOX NEWS is a serious source of accurate information in the middle of so many dishonest and deceptive television networks. What is going on at FOX? I didn’t notice that the invasion of Gray Hair was affecting the other television stations.

After a while I realized that the Gray Hair oddity didn’t affect the females newscasters!

I am a firm believer in equality in relation to sex. I believe that women are an equal partner of men, should work in the same position and especially receive the same salaries.

I was very disappointed in 1967 when I came to America and got a job where other women in my same position and with more  experience and maybe more talent were receiving a lower salary just for being a woman.

So, based in my believe on equality I think that the female newscasters at FOX NEWS should also have the right to have Gray Hair. That disparity is not  democratic. So women at FOX you should demand equal rights about having Gray Hair!

However, I noticed that some male characters at FOX like the “Fair, Balanced & Unafraid” Bret Baier–which in my modest opinion he is neither–Mr. Baier don’t have any Gray Hair! As a matter of fact he has been in Fox News since 2007 and his hair is Jet Black. This oddity should be corrected. It’s just “Fair.” Why he should be exempt of that unusual wave of Gray Hair? After 15 years at FOX he should have some Gray Hair.  Otherwise there is no equality.

The other possibility should be if females at FOX should also have Gray Hair. I doubt their vanity will let them agree. I want to clarify that I do not blame them for refusing and they have my total support.

Now, I think this disparity about the changing daily quantities of Gray Hair on the male newscasters is due to the make up artists at FOX. I do not know their working conditions and pressures they are subjected every day to made up such a large troop of male and females. But I sincerely think that if the invasion of Gray Hair is exterminated from FOX, happiness will reign in the Make-Up Department.

After all, Gray Hair on newscasters who do not have it is a deceptive, cheap and actually a BIG LIE to the audience which is not as naive as they might think. The viewers of FOX are generally more educated and not easily fooled.

Quoting late great comedienne fired from FOX in 1987, Joan Rivers, “Oh grow up!”

©Agustin Blazquez. All rights reserved.

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