Joe Biden’s 2022 migrant invasion breaks records, despite government numbers hiding huge number of ‘got-aways’

Free-for-all open borders means an open invitation to literally anyone, jihadists, drug dealers and human traffickers included.

From economic damage to threats to national security, Joe Biden is destroying America from within.

Joe Biden’s 2022 Migrant Flood Breaks Records

by Neil Munro, Breitbart, August 18, 2022:

Another 199,976 economic migrants arrived at the southern border in July, ensuring President Joe Biden’s 2022 migration exceeds the total 2021 numbers, even though August and September numbers have yet to be added.

The government tracks the migrant arrival and inflow data by its “Fiscal Year” calendar, which starts October 1 and ends September 30. The total 2022 number will be known once the August and September numbers are counted.

In all 12 months of fiscal 2021, officials counted 1,734,686 migrants at the border and allowed 671,160 into the United States via various border-law loopholes.

But in the first 10 months of fiscal 2022, border officials have counted 1,946,780 migrants at the border and allowed 1,012,378 economic migrants to seek homes and jobs throughout the United States.

This July, Biden’s deputies admitted 125,403 of the 199,976 arriving migrants. The 2022 admission numbers show a 50 percent jump over 2021, with two months to go.

The numbers are flawed. For example, the numbers counted at the border are inflated when rejected migrants repeatedly try to sneak across the border.

But the bigger problem is that the government numbers hide the huge inflow of “got-aways” — people who sneak past the few patrol agents and the incomplete border wall along the border. Insiders within the border agencies say the agencies count roughly 40,000 got-aways each month or roughly 500,000 per year….



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