SHOCKING REPORT: Of the 1,000 LGBTQ U.S. Elected Officials 75% are Democrats

We have been reporting on the queering of America for nearly two decades. We now learn just how deep the queering of America goes—from the state house to the White House.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker, President and CEO of the LGBTQ Victory Institute on its website, stated,

For the first time in history, we’re pleased to report that over 1,000 out LGBTQ people hold public office in the U.S.

LGBTQ elected officials are on the front lines of defending our rights and freedoms, which are under threat at every level of government. Despite the fact the LGBTQ community has never had equitable representation in government – and we still have a long way to go – there are clear signs of progress. LGBTQ elected officials represent the strength and diversity of not only who we are as a society now, but also the America we aspire to build for future generations.

On August 20th, 2022’s Peter ODwyer reported,

According to the [LGBT Victory] institute, the current tally of LGBT officials represents a 5% increase [over] last year’s. The institute further notes that 75% of LGBT officials are Democrats, while only 3% are Republicans. Transgender officials have also increased by 10% from last year.

This development is no surprise to observers looking at the demographics. The number who identify as LGBT has exploded over the last 10 years. According to a Gallup Poll, only 3.5% of Americans identified as LGBT in 2012. But this number nearly doubled to 7.1% by 2021.

The same poll suggests the reason for this may be the enormous variation in such identification among generations. Only 1% of Americans born before the baby boomer generation identify as LGBT, which doubled to 2% among the boomers. In each subsequent generation, the number virtually doubles, with 4% of Generation X, 10% of millennials and an astonishing 20% of Generation Z identifying as LGBT. Half of those identifying as LGBT identify as bisexual.

The sharp rise in LGBT identification is thought to be due to more significant numbers of Generation Z reaching maturity.

Here are the number of elected officials by office according to the LGBTQ Victory Institute website:

  • Governors—2
  • Statewide Executives—6 [Statewide executives include two territory-wide elected officials in Guam.]
  • U.S. Senators—2
  • U.S. House Members—9
  • State Legislators—192 [state legislators include one senator in the U.S. Virgin Islands and another in Puerto Rico.]
  • Mayors—57
  • Local Officials—651
  • Elected Judicial Officials—123

LGBTQ Victory Institute’s stated goal in order to fully reach “equity” is to elect:

  • 2 more queer governors
  • 17 more queer statewide executives
  • 5 more queer U.S. senators
  • 22 more queer U.S. representatives
  • 346 more LGBTQ  state legislators
  • 96 more LGBTQ mayors of cities with a population of 30,000+
  • more than 15,000 LGBTQ local officials
  • and thousands more queer judicial officials

In 2019 Morgan @madwestafrican Tweeted:

Within 5 years of gay “marriage” being legalized we have:

transgender kids,

gay sex being taught in schools,

endless genders,

drag queen story hour,

people advocating for the decriminalization of AIDS transmission

and grown men in woman’s bathroom.


After posting this tweet Morgan’s site was deleted.

The Bottom Line

On August 18th, 2022, we published a number of articles that were both shocking and prophetic.

The first was about a dog being infected with the Monkeypox by two gay men in France; and the second about a Canadian father arrested for opposing his daughter’s gender transition surgery.

And then there’s this tweet of Christy Olezeski, Ph.D. admitting that Yale Medicine is treating kids as young as 3 YEARS OLD in their “gender journey.”

These events are but symptoms of a very dangerous and deadly gay political tumor not only on the body politic of America but also the world. This gay political tumor has infected, to one extent or another, both political parties in America and our governments from school house to the White House but also global organizations like the United Nations, World Health Organization, NATO and the World Economic Forum.’s Peter ODwyer warned,

The Victory Institute seeks to grow the number of LGBT officials in office. Its goal is ostensibly to raise the number of LGBT officials to be “equitable” with the current LGBTQ population in the United States. By its estimate, approximately .2% of elected politicians are LGBT. To reach the goal of 7.1% representation, almost 38,000 additional LGBT officials must be installed in office.

According to Annise Parker, more LGBT officials are needed to oppose “unprecedented attacks on trans kids” and measures “to censor classrooms and libraries.”

Parker drew national controversy as mayor of Houston by subpoenaing religious leaders who opposed a transgender ordinance.

We warned Americans about the spread of this gay political tumor years ago hoping against hope that they would wake up and listen to our cries.

Today we, once again, sound the clarion call hoping that Americans will stop this cultural cancer of sodomy from spreading, at least in our nation.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


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