Boston Children’s Hospital’s Own Documents Show Doctors are Performing Sex Change Surgeries on CHILDREN

This depraved madness must be confronted. This is unimaginable cruelty in pursuit of foul leftist propaganda, setting up these children for lifetimes of pain, confusion, and dependence upon pharmaceuticals. The left really thinks they are G-d. They will be punished. These children aren’t old enough to choose what they’re going to have for lunch, and Boston Children’s Hospital is pretending that they’re old enough to make this life-changing, shattering decision. Future generations will look back on all this with the horror with which we look back on the Salem Witch Trials and other incidences of mass hysteria. And it’s the people who turn around and say “Believe the Science” in other contexts who are pushing this evil insanity.

Yes, Doctors Are Performing Sex Change Surgeries On Kids

by Laurel Duggan, Daily Caller News Foundation, August 18, 2022:

Several media outlets have downplayed the prevalence of transgender surgeries for minors amid controversy surrounding Boston Children’s Hospital’s gender center, but the hospital’s own publicly available documents show that doctors are performing sex change surgeries on children.

The hospital has performed at least 65 transgender chest surgeries on minors, the vast majority of whom were biologically female and identified as transgender males. The hospital’s guidance allowed vaginoplasty at 17 and did not list an age limit for “gender-affirming” hysterectomies until online activists shared the hospital’s videos promoting the procedures, sparking outrage.

Boston Children’s Hospital performed 204 “gender affirmation” surgeries from 2017 to 2020, including 65 chest surgeries performed on minors, according to data published by the National Institutes of Health. The average chest surgery patient was 18, and the youngest was 15.

The hospital did not report performing any transgender genital surgeries on minors in those years, although the gender center’s staff supported some genital surgeries for minors, according to a 2019 paper titled “Ethical Issues Considered When Establishing a Pediatrics Gender Surgery Center” written for the Boston Children’s Hospital Ethics Advisory Committee.

“The center staff eventually came to the conclusion that it is appropriate to offer vaginoplasties to certain individuals before the age of majority so that they can safely embark on their adult lives,” the paper said, adding that it was necessary to require fertility preservation or a court order granting permission for surgery to avoid legal issues. Only one minor was offered a vaginoplasty by the time of the writing.

Vaginoplasty is the surgical creation of a neo-vagina using existing penis and scrotum tissue, according to Boston Children’s Hospital, which now requires patients to be 18 to undergo the procedure. The operation takes up to 18 months to recover from and requires long-term maintenance including regular vaginal dilation.



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