NEWEST CLIMATE MYTH: Black Lives Movement Launches ‘Climate Initiative’ Centering on Black Americans

“I didn’t know that, according to Black Lives Matter, the climate discriminates against blacks! Is the climate now a ‘white supremacist global movement’ created by God?” — Dr. Rich Swier

Here we see the ‘intersectionality’ of every loathsome fraud and ludicrous hoax the left has rammed down the throat of the American people. Once a lie, a fraud, is accepted as ‘conventional wisdom’, the most absurd, irrational, and preposterous edicts and policies will follow.

Watch your taxpayer dollars flow into the race hustlers’ coffers.

Climate Initiative Centers on Black Americans

By: AP News, August 26, 2022:

The Movement for Black Lives launched a new climate change initiative Thursday, uniting more than 200 Black environmental leaders and organizations nationwide who have pledged to find equitable climate solutions centering on Black Americans and communities.

The Black Hive initiative builds on the movement’s 2021 Red, Black, and Green New Deal and reintroduces its Black Climate Mandate that outlines the urgency for a Black climate agenda and investment in equitable strategies that protect Black Americans specifically.

The announcement, first shared with The Associated Press, comes in the wake of a Supreme Court decision limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.


“The climate crisis is happening because of corporate greed, government negligence, the divestment of solutions and the investment into the harmful institutions like the fossil fuel industry, that are harming our people,” said Valencia Gunder, national co-lead of The Black Hive. “It’s time for America to address the anti-Black racism that happens here.”

Gunder said she’s already seen the impacts of climate change in her home state of Florida. She’s been doing climate justice work in communities, focusing on the impacts of rising seas, residential displacement, and housing and food security issues. She said farmers in South Florida have told her they’ve started to see saltwater intrusion damaging crops.

“The climate crisis is probably the most important issue that we can work on,” Gunder said. “If we do not hurry up and pay attention and get to resiliency, I believe that we’re going to start seeing more destruction, more harm or death, more illness.”



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