Six High Profile GOP Senators including Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio Funding Left-Wing Cancel Troll

Media Matters for America and Right Wing Watch are vicious attack sites whose sole mission is to destroy effective voices on the right and rational side of the political spectrum. They smear, defame, and liable. That these Republican Senators would have ANYTHING to do with ANYONE associated with them, let alone hire and fund their trolls speaks to how deep the GOP establishment has been compromised.

I am so sick of the craven quislings.

GOP Senators Cotton, Graham, Rubio Fund Left Wing Tattletale Jared Holt Through Neocon Nonprofit

By: Valiant News, August 23, 202:

Six high profile Republican senators including Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio sit on the board of a foreign policy nonprofit that funds the work of left wing media reporter and hate expert Jared Holt.

Holt, a former reporter for Media Matters for America and Right Wing Watch, and former resident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, has now taken a position with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, an international anti-extremism and disinformation non-profit.

Sharing the news of his new job in July on Twitter, Holt declared he was “pumped” to get building a “mean research unit” into “hate and extremism” with the ISD.

The ISD, founded in 2006, is a London-based group with teams in Washington DC, Berlin, Paris, and other areas across the globe, functioning as an arm for the globalist regime to remove any information they deem “extreme” or “misinformation,” boasting of the removal of thousands of allegedly “white supremacist” or “covert disinformation” social media accounts.

The group also trains activists and social influencers, and works with local and national governments to also stop alleged “extremism” or “hate,” targeting millions of people worldwide, with policy influence at the highest levels, including the United Nations.

Holt, who spent much of his career reporting on those on the American right, and encouraging companies to deplatform those who he and his colleagues deem unacceptable for society……

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