FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE: Joe Biden and Joe Manchin’s Green New Deal—Costs a Lot of Green

“I want to testify today about what I believe is a planetary emergency—a crisis that threatens the survival of our civilization and the habitability of the Earth. Just six weeks ago, the scientific community, in its strongest statement to date, confirmed that the evidence of warming is `unequivocal.’ Global warming is real and human activity is the main cause. The consequences are mainly negative and headed toward catastrophic, unless we act.”Statement of Hon. Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States and Former Senator from the State of Tennessee on March 21, 2007.

Fifteen years and six months ago Al Gore appeared before the Committee on Environment and Public Works and said if something is not done immediately then the “survival of our civilization and the habitability of the Earth” are unequivocally headed towards a “catastrophe.”

This struck fear into the hearts and minds of many Americans and began the concerted effort by environmentalists to “go green.” Now we have the Biden—Manchin Green New Deal as the law of the land.

QUESTION: How is that working out to save our civilization and the habitability of the earth?

ANSWER: It doesn’t work but cost a lot to implement!

We recently reported on how the Biden administration sent federal agents to a farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania to demand all green farmer Amos Miller stop selling his all green, organic, healthy foods to his 4,000+ customers.

We reported,

Amos Miller has been farming for 25 years. No electricity, no fertilizer, and no gasoline. He has tremendously impressive crop yields using only the only the oldest of methods, totally organic.

The U.S. Marshall Service raided this farm under the guise of ‘not using GMO drugs’ to raise their vegetables and livestock.

Isn’t what going green means? Don’t environmentalists, conservationists, people who want to save the planet want? How about those who want to eat healthy foods produced without steroids and other drugs or using genetic engineering?

Watch: Will organic Amish farmer bend a knee to the government?

Green New Deal—Costs a Lot of Green

As Biden’s armed agents attack a farmer in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania legislators in California, i.e. political fanatics of going green, have decided to stop all sales of new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Blaze Media’s reported,

On Thursday [August 25th, 2022], California’s Air Resources Board voted in favor of banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035. All new cars, trucks, and SUVs will be required to run on electricity (32% of which is presently generated by natural gas in the state) or hydrogen. This comes as a result of Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom’s 2020 directive prompting regulators to pursue such a policy. It is unclear, however, whether the state’s electric grid will be prepared for the transition.

[ … ]

As of January 2022, California had 837,887 light-duty electric vehicles (i.e. battery electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell). It presently has 1,943 medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles. The state plans to have 1.5 million zero-emissions vehicles on its roads by 2025 and at least 5 million on its roads and by 2030.

What’s the Downside?


Senior energy analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists Mike Jacobs told Yahoo Finance, “The use of an electric vehicle is like adding one or two air conditioners to your residence in terms of its energy increase.”

According to Brouwer, “If we try to move in this direction and only use battery electric vehicles, we will fail. … The grid cannot charge every single transportation application.” He recommended that California also invest in fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Whether it be a fuel-cell or a battery electric vehicle, investment in the grid is believed to be necessary to accommodate the charge needed for that additional “air conditioner.”

The Bottom Line

Going green is based upon the myth that mankind must suffer in order to save the planet.

Watch as Dan Ball and Alex Epstein explain what California’s vote to ban gasoline driven car sales by 2035 really means for we the people.

Californians are already facing an energy crisis and it will only get worse as more and more all electric vehicles are sold.

The cost of going green is shelling out more green by government and individuals. Going green is killing Californians and the Biden—Manchin Green New Deal will destroy our economy.

This is government fraud, waste and abuse from the California State House to the White House.

Gird your loins for more and more green to be taken out of your pockets to further the go green myths.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


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