U.S. Senate Candidate Krystle Matthews (D-SC): Treat White People ‘Like Sh*t’


Project Veritas Action released a new video today exposing South Carolina’s Democrat U.S. Senate candidate, Krystle Matthews, in which she admits to her bias against white voters and encourages gang members to enter politics.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Krystle Matthews, South Carolina Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate: “Let me tell you one thing. You ought to know who you’re dealing with. You gotta treat them [white people] like sh*t. I mean, that’s the only way they’ll respect you. I keep them right here — like under my thumbs. That’s where I keep – like, you have to. Otherwise, they get out of control — like kids.”
  • Matthews: “I know other people are tiptoeing around them [white people]. And I’m like, ‘Yo, that’s some white sh*t. I ain’t doing that.’ They be like, ‘Well, I’m just gonna say some white sh*t.’ That was my problem with Bernie [Sanders], because he was talking to an all-black crowd, and he was afraid to say black sh*t. I said, ‘If I’m talking to an all-black crowd, I’m gonna say black sh*t. Now if you don’t like it, you get your ass up and leave.’”
  • Matthews: “We need somebody who understands street gangs that we can clean up and put in a f**king suit. [Somebody] that knows like, again, we [are] all working towards the same goal, and we all know what the play is…Almost like a secret society – exclusive membership.”
  • Matthews: “Where’s the gangstas? Where the street n**gas at? Like, where they at? I’m telling you them n**gas were foolish, but you can’t out-swindle them. They might not know all the college words, but you can’t hustle them – can’t f**k with their money. They see the game a mile away. Where they at? We need to put some of them in a suit and tie.”

You can watch the full video HERE.

What will Matthews say in response to this latest video?

Will she attack Project Veritas Action again? Will she play down her remarks again? Or will she go on to apologize to South Carolinians?


EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas expose is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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