Reproductive Health Care—What It REALLY Means

The US Supreme Court recently overturned the 1973 Roe v Wade decision, thus sending the control over a woman’s “right” to an abortion back to the various states to decide. As was expected, that decision  brought a huge uproar and started multiple protests from the pro-abortion crowd. Now, amidst all the uproar resulting from that ruling, we are hearing from groups who are demanding that all women be given ‘reproductive health care’ as a ‘right’, usually paid for using public funding.

What does that mean, exactly? Which crowd is now which and what exactly are they ‘demanding’?

Let’s start by examining their words, individually.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary

  • Reproductive means, “of, relating to or capable of reproduction”
  • Reproduction (from, means “the natural process among organisms by which new individuals are generated and the species is perpetuated” (emphasis mine)
  • Health means, “the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit”
  • Care means, “painstaking or watchful attention”
  • Healthcare means, efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals

If we take these words literally as defined in Merriam-Webster and, it seems the protestors demand is for “efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being by trained and licensed professionals through painstaking or watchful attention over the physical human components that relate to the capability of reproduction, resulting in the perpetuation of the species  and a condition of being sound in body, mind or spirit”. 

Sound about right?

The very process of ‘human reproduction’ indicates there is a being who is a ‘reproducer’, a biological woman who, after uniting with a biological man, is able to bring forth a being that results from the act of reproduction (perpetuation of the species). This would be an infant who has grown inside the womb of the biological woman for approximately 270 days.  So, by its very definition, Reproductive Health Care is the process whereby two biological beings, a man and a woman, actually ‘reproduce’ a living being in their likeness, thus ensuring the species is perpetuated.

Based on these definitions, these ‘conscientious people’ are now demanding that the utmost care be provided ensuring that the reproductive process is successful, and the human race can be obedient to the commandment of God, given to Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth”.

Wow. These ‘demanders’ are actually saying they want people to be treated for any physical conditions that are detrimental to overall good physical and mental health and ensure that more and more healthy infants are born into our world, a direct result of women receiving the healthcare they’re demanding.

Did I miss anything?  No? Wow! I am now truly impressed that there are so many groups that care so much about the American people, about women, unborn and newborn infants and their health. Who knew there were so many beautiful people who truly DO care?

Whoa, hold on. I have just been informed that the latest protests demanding ‘Reproductive Health Care” are being promoted by the same people demanding abortion on demand. Are they changing their thinking regarding abortion on demand, or are they really interested in making sure all American women are assured they get proper reproductive health care, so that they can carry their unborn children to term and introduce a new human being into the world? If that’s the case, I am now 100% in agreement with their demands. But they should not even need to make such demands since the world’s most expensive health care system, the Affordable Care Act, ushered in by the Obama/Biden administration and signed into law in 2010, has long been touted as the best possible solution to every healthcare issue in the US.

So then, why are these demands being issued and why is the media even talking about it? Could it possibly be that we have misunderstood the demands being made for “Reproductive Healthcare”? Or is it possible they’re demanding something other than “Reproductive Health Care”?

After doing some research, to my horror, I discovered that the ‘concerned citizens’ making these loud demands for “Reproductive Health Care” are the same people who have been demanding unlimited abortion access, but using different words now and trying to deceive people into believing that allowing abortions on demand is equivalent to “Reproductive Health Care”. Perhaps they should research their own words and realize that the definition of reproductive healthcare INCLUDES the health of the child being reproduced as well as the woman who carries that child. There is nothing in the definitions given earlier that mention one, or more, of the participants in the reproductive process ending up dead. Perhaps they just forgot about the child?

Now I must backtrack and try to determine  if, or where, I missed it. Here goes:

  • OK, go back and read the demands of those who loudly protest ‘for’ their Reproductive Health Care: check!
  • Once more, determine the Dictionary definition of “Reproductive Health Care : check!
  • Re-read those definitions once more just to make sure I did not screw up: check!

My goodness, am I now confused by their demands. It appears those loud voices actually ARE twisting their words to make it sound as though they’re concerned about Reproductive Health Care when they simply want the world to not only approve their demands for abortion on demand,  but get the public to pay all associated costs of the procedures through the Affordable Care Act (think our taxes).

If my last take on their words is correct, I am beginning to see the real purpose of these loud demands and it has more to do with ‘money’ (think VERY large amounts of money) than any presumed concerns for the women and children.

The poor misguided pregnant woman who truly believes she would be better off killing her own unborn child is told by those ‘experts’ who so adamantly want good ‘Reproductive Health Care’, that her mental health will be impaired by bringing an ‘unwanted’ child into the world, and she buys it based on…what? That lone statement? Does she seriously believe the ‘experts’ truly care about her mental health? Or is she just relieved that she will not have to assume any responsibility for what amounts to her lack of self-control when it comes to having unprotected sex? Is it possible that the average pregnant, unmarried woman who desires to end her pregnancy is that shallow or easily deceived? Or could it be that she has never given  any consideration to what happens to an aborted fetus, or an aborted near-full-term infant?

I stated that abortion, from the perspective of those who perform them and those who receive the baby parts after the procedures are complete, seems to be more about money than protecting the health of the mother and child. The status of the ‘remains of the aborted fetuses’ were not commonly known in years past but now with the uproar over abortion, reports of the status of these murdered beings are quite well-known, and the knowledge is horrifying.

There are now many reported, and confirmed, incidents of what the ‘abortion mills’ do with the bodies of these aborted human beings and there is not one that paints a pleasant picture. If the bodies are whole when removed from the uterus, which is occurring more frequently, they will not be for very long and will be dissected (think butchered) in horrific ways depending on what the “Baby Parts Procurement” system needs at any given time. And for those who think Planned Parenthood and the other baby butcher shops agree to donate these parts, think again. Huge price tags are assigned to them, depending on how valuable they are to those who purchase them.

Is it possible that the pregnant women who, for whatever reason seems to make sense to them, are unaware of what the aborted child experiences during the butchering process? Or are these persons so sociopathic that they really don’t care? Are they just as happy to enter the abortion clinic, allow the child to be ripped from their bodies and then spend a few days of recuperation so that they can repeat their previous “wash, rinse, repeat” behavior that led to an ‘unwanted pregnancy’? Could it be that they’re just happy to have a “right” to use the ‘abortion on demand’ process, paid for by someone else, to facilitate their sociopathic lifestyle? Are they unaware that their so-called ‘rights’ are truly evil in nature?

Reproductive Healthcare and Demanded Rights – Conclusion

Abortionist advocates, pregnant women claiming their evil desires as ‘rights’  want the ‘freedom’ to use sexual intercourse as a means of their personal entertainment instead of what God intended it to be. Sadly, it now appears there are a large number of people, both those desiring to end the life of their unborn infants, and those who, while not married or even pregnant, still shout about their ‘reproductive rights’ to the world, who would put aside any concern about the future of humanity, that future that God has planned for their babies, in exchange for their ability to engage in unprotected sex, from which the physical pleasure derived is very short-lived.

The abortion clinics, mostly funded by public taxes, are most certainly promoting abortions due to the huge amounts of money they realize when the butchered baby parts are bought from them. The main problem with the whole process is that the ‘rights’ they demand by allowing and legalizing the murder of unborn children would remove ALL rights that the Constitution affords to ALL citizens, namely those unborn human beings who have no means, certainly no voice, to protest the decisions made for them by others.

When God instituted marriage, between one man and one woman, the main purpose of human sexual intercourse, the ‘eros’ kind of love within the bounds of marriage, was ordained by Him to ‘reproduce’ and re-create the human race. No matter how many ‘genders’ the insane of the world claim exists, the fact is that, without the physical union of a biological man and a biological woman, the human race would die out within a hundred years.

It is truly bad enough that so many regard that brief sexual encounter as more important than the human life that would have resulted had it not been for that soul-less decision to murder their own child in the womb. Even worse is having a government that actively promotes the barbaric process and demands that we all pay for it. Perhaps the most despicable of all are those who are supposed to be the elected representatives of ALL the people, but who jump onto the abortion-on-demand protest wagon and try to convince the public they’re simply “concerned about the ‘rights of the people’” when, in most cases, they are simply trying to drum up votes for themselves and their parties. I would bet that most of these lowlife politicians are strong supporters of the groups who buy and sell the aborted baby parts.

A nation that approves, supports and promotes this behavior is extremely short-sighted and has very little, possibly NO future.

For those who have this short-sighted view, they may enjoy their perverse ‘rights’, and/or their filthy money, for a brief time, but there is STILL a God who will demand an explanation from each one as to why they chose so poorly.

May God help us as we try to counter this abominable and perverse behavior and may He have mercy on the souls of those who made, and are STILL making, the wrong decisions.

Blessings and Maranatha!

©Bud Hancock. All rights reserved.


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