We Analyze Real Time’s Bill Maher’s Discussion on ‘Why Are Men in Crisis?’

A reader (H/T BL) sent the below video discussion on the September 9th, 2022 edition of “Real Time” with Bill Maher and his guests Scott Galloway and Matt Welch. Watch Bill and Scott’s, and the audiences’, take on the issue of men in crisis:

What Bill, and his guests are discussing, in our opinion, are symptoms of and not the fundamental cause of why men are in a crisis.

They talk about getting a college degree, online dating, men living in basements, male unemployment and male violence but they are missing the big picture.

QUESTION: What is the cause of the male crisis?

ANSWER: The war on masculinity!

Today men are ridiculed for being men. Men parade in gay pride events dressed as women, go to public schools dressed as transgenders and read books to little boys, and little girls, about having sex will other transgenders or bisexual men. Today men who compete as women in sports are idolized by the media, while real men are silenced for fear of being labeled “homophobic.”

Men are now fired from schools, universities, companies and even discharged from our military for not using a collogues’ “preferred pronoun.”

In the May 8th, 2019 article Campaign to Emasculate Masculinity Ken Harrison wrote,

There is a lot of bad information about what masculinity is in our society today. For the last two generations, the world taught us that a real man drank a lot, pushed down his emotions, and slept with many women. He was emotionless and impervious to hurt.

After seeing the destruction that such teaching wreaked on society, the world now teaches a new message about men. It is convoluted and vague. It flees from machismo toward an equally dangerous lie; it teaches men to be effeminate.

Let’s tear down the lie of society, which has come from the enemy of our souls, and look at what God says about masculinity. First, we must destroy the foundational lie upon which every other lie about society over the past several generations has been built: the lie of modern superiority.

We tend to read Scripture through a lens of modern arrogance, interpreting it using our “superior” intellect. We act as if the God who wrote the Bible and created the world and the very minds with which we reason needs our help in updating His dated ideas. We have become easily deceived by each new idea that comes along, and that tendency is pulling us from a foundation of biblical truth to devastating effect.

Satan has been around since before the human race, so he is playing the long game. His lies build on his lies until even people who love Jesus have assumptions they believe to be true that are not. We seek passionately to avoid becoming pawns in his wicked game; therefore, we must understand his plans so that we can fight and defeat them.

Satan has been attacking gender, gender roles, and especially masculinity with a vengeance over the last few years, and even Christians have been deceived. Let’s take a scalpel to the things that some of us may accept as truth that are not truth at all; rather, they are cancers that our enemy sowed in our minds when we weren’t even aware.

Satan’s scheme, now and forever, is to disrupt the two most foundational building blocks of society:

1. Our relationship with God
2. Our relationship with one another

Read more.

Men have lost faith and have embraced the flesh, just as Satan planned. The more men embrace the flesh the more they break the Ten Commandments and commit the seven deadly sins:  Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Gluttony, Avarice and Lust.

The War on Masculinity

Manhood is critical to the strength of the traditional family. This war on masculinity is just another bullet in the war against men. But sadly the campaign to emasculate masculinity has many powerful allies.

The primary allies are those who embrace the LGBTQ agenda to destroy  XX (males) and XY (females).

This is also the goal of this administration under the myths of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Bottom Line

Bill Mahar, Scott Galloway and Matt Welch neglect the fact that since the 1960s feminists movement  there has been a war against all males. A war against masculinity. A war of the role of manliness in sports, in society, in culture and in woke universities, colleges, public schools, corporations, in films, books, on social media and the legacy media.

The intent is emasculate our men to further the myths of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our men are being sacrificed on the alters of diversity, equity and inclusion to further the goal that only government can determine who is a man and who is a woman.

The war on masculinity is part of the agenda of the LGBTQ+ community from K-16 and beyond. From sissy men playing in girls sports to men sodomized culturally, emotionally and physically at a very very young age.

It is time for all men to embrace Humility, Admiration, Forgiveness, Zeal, Generosity, Asceticism, and Chastity.

It is time for men to stand up against the forces of evil and regain their masculinity.

If not Western Civilization as we know it will be fundamentally transformed into a living hell on earth.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

Please read our “Sissy Watch” columns to understand.

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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Agree 199% Dr. Swier. The left’s campaign against “TOXIC MASCULINITY” is also directly impacted on our military and failures in recruiting and re-enlistments.

    Pajama boys and Trans preferred – macho, masculine, gund ho males need not apply ! Combat readiness and ability to rapidly deploy not longer emphasized but replace with social engineering, mandatory Critical Race Theory classes and climate change as biggest danger to national security. These are not issues that interest real men who are more interested in being able to fight and win against the enemy.


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