Facebook Bans GELLER REPORT For Posting New Data About Covid Vaccine Concerns

Click here to view the Facebook censorship of the Geller Report.

Alarming data has continued to emerge concerning the side effects and contraindications of the Covid vaccine. Geller Report reports these findings. In response, Facebook has suspended our account. Whether this is at the behest of the Biden regime or Facebook’s own terrible, dangerous initiative is not known but the government has been colluding with social media platforms to silence those who dare report the facts.

Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed the government pressured Facebook to censor certain news stories.

Further, newly released emails show Facebook and the Biden regime held weekly/monthly meetings to discuss who and what to cennsor on their platform.

This is fascism and a flagrant violation of our unalienable first amendment rights. Despite these revelations, the unconstitutional suppression continues. There is no law, no accountability by a rogue regime.

Every Geller Report post is sources and linked, most linking back to the primary source – the study or analysis based on data.

Even the CDC Admits Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Concerns That Were Labeled Covid Misinformation Are Legit.

Note to Geller Report readers: I will never stop posting about it. I don’t care if they completely disappear me. Twitter has already permanently bannd me. They are killing people and destroying young people’s lives.

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CDC Deletes Statements On Covid Vaccine Safety, Bolsters Concerns About mRNA and Cancer, Drastically Changes Guidelines, Fauci Denies Ever Suggesting Lockdowns

The country is in trouble.


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