FLORIDA: County Citizens Defending Freedom Leads Charge to Change Policy on Sexually Explicit Books in School Media Centers

Please read the EPOCH TIMES  article below, We now have forty Winter Haven 912 members who have submitted police complaints against the Polk County School Board as part of the County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF) initiative to eliminate sexually explicit books in Polk County school media centers.

Among the four paths Polk County Sheriff Judd suggested in his letter to us the first one was:

“Request the School Board revote on the recommendations I proposed, and Superintendent Heid agreed. This would put in place an opt-in and opt-out policy mandating that parents are the only ones who can authorize their children access to the instant books which contain shocking, inappropriate language anytime the child is under the legal adult age of 19.”

Since the Polk County School Board refused to vote on the policy to be put into place choosing to shirk their responsibility and delegate the decision to Superintendent Heid, we don’t understand why Heid later changed the policy to opt-out based under pressure from four of the same school board members who refused to vote in first place, e.g. Kay Fields, Sarah Fortney, Sara Beth Wyatt and Lisa Miller.

This is just WRONG and he should be urged by Sheriff Judd to reconsider which is what CCDF is doing in their appeal mentioned below.

Florida Citizen Group Leading Charge Against Sexually Explicit Library Books in Schools

Parents file more than 100 police complaints

By Darlene McCormick Sanchez • September 8, 2022

A Florida group isn’t giving up on their fight to stop the Polk County Public Schools from allowing students access to sexually explicit books in school libraries.

County Citizens Defending Freedom (CCDF) filed an appeal with the Polk County School Board on Sept. 6 over “pornographic” titles available to middle and high school children that include graphic descriptions of gay sex and child rape.

“Putting these quarantined books back on the shelves with unfettered access to minors is a blatant violation of Florida statutes and does not put students first,” the group’s complaint said.

In January, the group approached Sheriff Grady Judd—known nationally as a tough, no-nonsense lawman—concerning the books. That same month Superintendent Frederick Heid ordered the books pulled off the shelves for review.

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