Marxists in our Midst

AUTHORS NOTE: I wrote the article below in August 2017, eight months after Trump was sworn in as president. Since that time, much of what could easily be foreseen by informed voters has come to pass, including the prediction that Democrats would likely resort to using a police shooting of a black suspect as an excise to incite nationwide race riots in advance of a national election, as happened in the summer of 2020 in response to the police killing of George Floyd. The internal threat to our entire way of life is perilously close to radically changing the kind of country in which your children and grandchildren will live out the rest of their lives.

“Communism is not love; it is a hammer used to crush the enemy. Communism is the death of the soul. It is the organization of total conformity, in short, of tyranny.” — 1956 Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson

“For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog; for many in the West, it is still a living lion.” — Alexander Solzhenitsyn

“Communism never sleeps. It is, as always, plotting and scheming.” — Richard Nixon

“Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” — Former American communist David Horowitz

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” — Ronald Reagan

Marxists in Our Midst

The anti-Trump “resistance” is pulling out the long knives.

When will Obama forcefully condemn the anti-Trump violence? Answer: He won’t.

Time is short for patriotic liberals to stand up against the specter of a Marxist America.

Another crazy right-wing conspiracy theory? Please read on.

Jan. 30, 2017—Pro-Democrat Antifa anarchists riot at UC Berkeley

Above: Signs held by masked protestors of the communist front group, Occupy Oakland, called on opponents of President Donald Trump to “become ungovernable” by inciting chaos across America. The picture is from an Occupy Oakland tweet that read: “We won this night. We will liberate this land. We will fight fascists. We will dismantle the state. This is war.”

Their message is clear:

It’s time to bring down this sorry-ass capitalist country by any means necessary. Not a single prominent Democrat has given anything beyond lip service to the escalating anti-Trump violence on college campuses and elsewhere. 

Occupy Oakland is by no means alone.

Literally thousands of similar subversive Marxist groups, all of which support the same political party, are frothing at the mouth for a communist take down of America, and they have a powerful ally on their side. The former president who appointed himself the de facto commander-in-chief of the anti-Trump “resistance” has yet to make a forceful condemnation of the escalating violence carried out by Democrat front groups like Occupy Oakland. There’s a reason Obama hasn’t done that, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out why.

As documented further down, a long trail of circumstantial evidence points to the inescapable conclusion that, despite his claims to the contrary, Barack Obama is, and has been since adolescence, a Marxist revolutionary at heart. A right-wing conspiracy theory? Please keep reading.

In establishing what amounts to nothing less than a shadow government ready to step in should the “resistance” succeed at driving Trump from office before his term is up, Obama has set up a post-presidency political machine known as Organizing For Action, a Soros-funded operation run by top members of his former administration.

With offices in 250 cities, OFA is staffed by an army of 30,000 progressive activists who are fully capable of unleashing sustained violence on the streets of every city in America, most likely by exploiting the police killing of an unarmed black suspect, such as that which  occurred in Ferguson, MO. If the order comes down, OFA will use its massive social networking data base to quickly enlist a legion of eager anarchists who belong to thousands of subversive communist cells like Occupy Oakland. Also in line for enlistment are the tens millions of useful idiot millennials who have been programmed to loathe their country and its capitalist system. Programmed by whom? Many by their Marxist parents, others by Marxist professors who push socialist propaganda on politically malleable young minds at virtually every college and university in America.

Make no mistake. The anti-Trump “resistance” has a formidable army of communist revolutionaries at its disposal. If its commander-in-chief decides the time is right to unleash the Marxist foot soldiers under his command, a breakdown of law and order could quickly follow as America’s cities go up in flames. (Note: That’s exactly what would later happen when BLM, Antifa and other violent Democrat front Groups destroyed $2 billion of public and private property in response to the police killing of George Floyd, all while being tacitly egged on by Democrat elected officials in over 200 U.S. cities.

Meet the kind of anarchists OFA will flood the streets with if the order is given:

Self-avowed American communists arrested for inciting anti-Trump violence in Austin.

A week after the 2016 presidential election, police in Austin, Texas released the identities and mug shots of six American communists arrested for violently protesting the election of Donald Trump. Red Guards Austin, the group to which the suspects belong, describes itself as “a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective of community organizers.” The violent revolutionary group is ideologically allied with Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, the progressive labor movement, pro-illegal immigration & pro-Palestinian militants, hard-left feminist & LGBT groups, and Earth day & People’s Climate March activists, all of which have demonstrated a willingness to use violence, and all of which support, and are supported by, the Democratic Party.

The intentional incitement of anti-Trump violence

It should come as no surprise that Obama looks the other way as Democrat front groups carry out violence in opposition to a lawfully elected president. He’s done it before, and while he was still in office. Dating to the time Trump was nominated, violent protests against him, both before and after his election, have erupted in cities across America. Such lawless incidents were not spontaneous demonstrations by ordinary Americans, as was falsely reported by the complicit mainstream media. The violence was orchestrated by Democrat covert operatives doing the dirty work of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Another crazy right-wing conspiracy theory? Please keep reading.

Prior to the election, investigative journalist James O’Keefe released video of an undercover sting in which long-time Democratic Party covert operative Robert Creamer, pictured in the screenshot below, bragged about a secret operation that sent paid protestors to incite violence at Trump campaign rallies, violence that Democrats and their allies in the corrupt mainstream media blamed on Trump and his supporters. The covert operation was financed by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, and was almost certainly known to then-president Barack Obama. Another crazy right-wing conspiracy theory? Please keep reading.

Bob Creamer is no bit player in the Democratic Party; he and Obama are thick as thieves. Official visitor logs show he was welcomed to the Obama White House 342 times since January 2009, including 47 personal meetings with President Obama, an officially confirmed fact that was buried by corrupt mainstream media when the O’Keefe tapes were released. Even though Creamer’s explosive revelations caused the DNC and the Clinton campaign to distance themselves from him, the president with whom he had nearly four dozen personal White House meetings did nothing to distance himself from Creamer. To the contrary, that president rewarded the disgraced dirty tricks operative. More right-wing hogwash? Please keep reading.

Creamer was honored with a front row seat.

Shown below participating in a standing ovation at Obama’s farewell address in Chicago, the Democrat dirty tricks operative who bragged about an operation that paid left-wing anarchists to incite violence at Trump campaign events was given a seat of honor on the front row, directly in front of the podium where Obama spoke. Such VIP treatment is evidence that in Obama’s eyes, the only mistake Creamer made was getting caught.

Creamer and his wife were given front-and-center seating at Obama’s farewell address.

Since Trump’s election, not a single prominent Democrat has made a full-throated condemnation of the on-going anti-Trump violence. Obama, Hillary, Pelosi and Schumer have said nothing of substance in that regard, yet all four have spoken passionately about their intent to actively participate in the “resistance” against President Trump, comments that give tacit approval for more violence to occur in support of the Democratic Party’s attempt to delegitimize, defy and subvert the authority of a lawfully-elected president. If America’s streets are filled with blood, the blood will be on the hands of those four highly influential Democrats who refuse to denounce the widespread political violence committed by their ideological soul mates.

What has become of the modern Democratic Party?

Here’s what: It’s dominant progressive wing has quietly gone over to the dark side, the side of the hammer and sickle. A party that was once was peaceful and patriotic has morphed itself into a raging, unhinged “resistance” that has zero respect for the constitutional system that made America the greatest country the world has ever known. If patriotic liberal Democrats do not speak out against their party’s subversive “resistance,” the country they love may be pushed into a violent internal conflict. That’s what communists do—if they don’t get their way by peaceful means, Plan B is orchestrated violence. If you think American communists are any different, you’re out of your mind.

Since the human ego is loathe to admit it’s been wrong, especially about politics, good and decent liberals who love their country will likely not speak out until it is too late. Trump has many undesirable traits, but being a communist is not one of them.

Commander in Chief of the “Resistance”

When Barack Obama vowed to fundamentally transform the United States of America, many of those who voted for him never thought to ask themselves, Transform it into what? America always needs improving, but is it such a sorry place that it must be fundamentally transformed? Apparently so, according to Obama. To fundamentally transform a nation means to bring about profound changes to its principles, values and institutions. In the case of America, that means transforming its economic system from capitalism to communism and its governing system from a constitutional republic to one-party totalitarian rule.

In a 2001 interview on Chicago’s public radio station WBEZ-FM, the audio of which has been removed from the Internet, Obama complained that the U.S. Constitution does not provide for “redistributive change,” another term for forced wealth redistribution, the foremost command of communism. It should not be surprising that Obama would be an advocate of wealth redistribution—his parents were Marxists, as were many other people who influenced him over the years, including one of Obama’s most influential adolescent mentors, Frank Marshall Davis.

A 20th century American journalist and labor activist, Davis was an unapologetic communist who loathed his country and its capitalist system. The subject of a 600-page FBI file, Davis was a card-carrying, pro-Soviet member of the Communist Party USA. His loyalty to communism was so complete that he was placed on the FBI Security Index, meaning he was a prime suspect for treason had the U.S. gone to war with the Soviet Union. During the time he lived in Hawaii, Davis was introduced to a young Barack Obama by the latter’s maternal grandfather.

The two developed a close relationship, with Davis serving as one of Obama’s most influential adolescent mentors. In Obama’s 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father, he acknowledged his deep admiration for Davis, mentioning him in flattering terms 22 times without disclosing that Davis was a hardened communist. When Obama released the audio version of his memoir in 2005 as an aspiring presidential candidate, all references to Davis were quietly purged, a fact that went unreported in the mainstream media.

That at least some of Davis’s communist beliefs rubbed off on Obama is evidenced in Dreams From My Father, where Obama acknowledges an affinity he had for Marxist professors and radical student groups when he was in college. When Obama moved to Chicago after graduating from Harvard Law School, he began his political career in the living room of unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, a self-declared communist professor who has devoted his entire adult life to destroying America’s capitalist system: “I wake up every morning and think, today is the day I will end capitalism. I go to bed disappointed every night, but am back at work tomorrow because the is the only way you can do it.”

Although Obama dismissed Ayers as “just a guy who lives in my neighborhood,” the two served together for five years on the boards of two progressive educational groups, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and The Woods Foundation. Many people believe that Ayers, an English professor, either wrote, or heavily edited, Obama’s memoir Dreams From My Father, an assertion both Ayers and Obama deny.

Along with Bill Ayers, another man who despised America and its capitalist system would become one of Obama’s most influential political mentors. The teachings of Saul Alinsky, a Marxist known as the father of community organizing, carried such sway with Obama that America’s future black president taught Alinsky’s power tactics as a professor at the University of Chicago (see picture below).

Finally, that an American president would stage a photograph of himself defiantly posing in front of a five-story likeness of communist mass-murderer Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara leaves little doubt in the minds of many about the true political ideology of the man who expressed his intent to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

Photograph from article on Washington

©John Edison. All rights reserved.


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