Video Clips of Sean Hannity’s Interview with President Donald J. Trump on Mar-a-Lago raid, Special Master, New York’s AG and more…

President Donald J. Trump sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and talked about a series of topics. Here are video clips of key segments of that interview listed by topic for the convenience of our readers.

Sean Hannity comments before beginning his exclusive interview with President Donald J. Trump titled “Do we have equal justice under the law?”

President Trump recalls when he first learned of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

There Doesn’t Have to Be a Process on Declassifying Documents

I Have Very Little Debt and Have a Lot of Cash

President Trump reacts to New York attorney general’s civil lawsuit

New York’s A.G. Is Defending Banks That Have Been Paid Off

On Releasing Mar-a-Lago Security Footage of the FBI raid

Sean Hannity to President Trump: Why Did You Approve of a Special Master that Signed One of the FISA Warrants?

President Donald J. Trump: We were soon going to be energy ‘dominant’

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