Some video to remind us of what the Freedom Convoy was actually like

The dishonest and destructive attacks against the very history of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa of last January and February for a few weeks is vicious. In all official communications it is referred to as an “occupation”. No one seems to question this term.

Small groups of activist leftists have created a consensus about how the Freedom Convoy must be represented in public and heap attacks of all kinds against its memory. For example, the “People’s Committee” on the Convoy taking place now. A lot more on that at some point soon. But suffice it to say, its rigged from concept to execution to make sure it looks awful for anyone asserting their individual rights in terms of right of exit (for the unvaxxed) and medical freedom. The committee is connected to multiple odious left wing activist groups but represents itself as non-partizan and unbiased despite its connections to the Trudeau Foundation.

The destruction of a small group of freedom minded people who bought a Church on St. Patrick St. where persecuted out of existence by leftist protestors, only because they allowed for the idea that the Freedom Convoy had legitimacy, and not for any other reason.

But again, much more on that later.

For the moment, a short clip on what it was like to actually be there before police horses started trampling crippled women.

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