Democrats Block GOP Attempt to Get Tougher on Fentanyl Trade As Fentanyl Deaths Explode

There were about 71,000 overdose deaths from fentanyl in the U.S. last year.

Ever since democrats “decriminalized” drugs… we’ve seen year-over-year OD fatalities.

There’s no end in sight because Democrats won’t admit their policies are to blame.

Former DEA official warns parents after fentanyl found disguised in candy packaging: ‘It’s a mass poisoning’.

Heroine Overdose Deaths Halved as Fentanyl Deaths Tripled Over 5 Years

Spencer Brown: A bill that would permanently put fentanyl-related substances in schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act was blocked on Wednesday by 220 House Democrats who voted against considering the legislation that would have given the government more power to crack down on the criminal enterprises profiting off of lethal fentanyl-related drugs (Townhall). House Rules Republicans: Fentanyl is pouring across Biden’s open border & claiming American lives at rates never before seen. We need to secure the border & fully prosecute traffickers, but @HouseDemocrats blocked @HouseGOP requests to consider a bill to keep fentanyl a controlled substance (Twitter).



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