The Latest Unbalanced and Deranged Democrat Statements on Hurricane Ian and more…

We are watching in amazement at Democrats and their supporters as they make statements that are mentally unbalanced and deranged. These unhinged statements are presented here for our readers to determine if the Democrats are serious, silly or just plain desperate for attention.

These statements include what Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has done during hurricane Ian second only to, of course, Democrat statements made about his shipping illegals to Martha’s Vineyard on DeSantis Airlines!

Check them out.


First is our favorite member of congress from New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying limits to abortion force women into “conscripted labor.” We aren’t sure if a woman who is aborting her child actually goes into labor, let alone some form of conscripted labor. Pun intended.

To help we now present none other than Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Bhavik Kumar stating unequivocally that men can have pregnancies. So are men who can’t have an abortion are also forced into “conscripted labor” as well? Just asking for a friend.

Here’s Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona stating, “Students need access to [abortions] in order to thrive in school and in life.”


Now let’s get to Hurricane Ian and some of the unhinged, mentally unbalanced and deranged statements made by Democrats and their supporters.

First we have Joy Behar who thinks Hurricane Ian was caused by Ron DeSantis’ thoughts on global warming, i.e. science tells us that mankind can’t control the weather let alone the climate. Maybe DeSantis can mind meld with the climate?

In 2021 Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. said this as gulf states prepared for their annual hurricane season. Rather than focus on protecting one’s family, property and home Biden was only concerned that you get vaxxed, or else. Watch:

Not to be placed second to Joe or to the View’s Joy Behar we have this statement from Kamala Harris about race based allocation of hurricane resources.

Then we end with Joy Reid saying this about marauders, thieves and looters who prey on homes which have been evacuated during Hurricane Ian in Florida.

How about this from the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.


To understand just how mentally unbalanced and deranged some people are we present the below video statement. This one is very sad as this unhinged woman, from Canada, who got vaccinated and then came down with Bell’s palsy which causes a sudden weakness in the muscles on one half of the face. We are praying that she recovers but disagree with her continued support for getting vaxxed. So very sad.


This is a LGBTQIE+ person who is an officer in our military and sold secrets to Russia. Can you say Russian Collusion?


Some good news. Here’s how Governor DeSantis, the Florida linesmen and first responders prepared for Hurricane Ian.

Here’s how Governor DeSantis deals with looters.

Hope you enjoyed this review of the latest and greatest uncontested absurdities coming from the mouths of Democrats and their supporters.

As we approach the 2022 midterm elections perhaps this may change who you are voting for? Just saying.

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.



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