FLORIDA: Governor Ron DeSantis has Double Digit Lead Over Crist But Don’t Get Complacent — VOTE!

Our great Governor Ron DeSantis has a double digit lead in his campaign to continue as our Governor over Charlie Crist whose core values are all Socialist/Marxist.

Some of the totally false, negative TV commercials against Governor DeSantis (most likely funded by Soros and other outsiders) are truly lame including the ones from a group calling themselves Story of Us which falsely portray Governor DeSantis as a bad person hurtful to Dreamers and even Cuban refugees.

As for harm to Cuban refugees this is just an out and out lie.

Governor DeSantis’s stands against illegal immigration and in this he is the righteous one. Even Hispanics stand against illegal immigration.

First of all the so called “Dreamers” are illegal aliens who should have been deported but were illegally protected by Obama with an Executive Order and thanks to Democrat in Disguise (DID) Paul Ryan then Speaker of the House no action was taken. However, on October 5th, 2022 the Fifth Federal has ruled that the entire DACA program is illegal.

And of course the lamestream media tried and failed to falsely blame Governor DeSantis for not responding to Hurricane Ian in time or deal with the consequences of this natural phenomena. Watch this to understand why DeSantis is our Top-Gov:

First Poll Released Since Hurricane Ian Shows DeSantis with Double-Digit Lead as Ballots Start Going Out

  October 5, 2022

There’s still more than a month to go before Election Day, but in Florida it looks like the governor’s race is Gov. Ron DeSantis’ to lose, according to the most recent polling in the state.

NBC News reported that voters were beginning to receive vote-by-mail ballots throughout the state, even as many Floridians continue recovery efforts following Hurricane Ian’s landfall last week.

The Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy survey, released yesterday, showed the incumbent DeSantis with a comfortable lead over his Democratic rival, former Rep. Charlie Crist.

[ … ]

Crist is currently behind DeSantis by 11 points, according to the poll, which puts him well outside the margin of error of 3.5 percent. That’s not a lock — nothing is, really — but it’s about as close to one as we’re likely to see this year.

The poll was completed on the same day that Ian made landfall, Sept. 28, and reflects DeSantis’ preparations for the natural disaster, but not necessarily his actual response.

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Progressive, Legacy Media Try to Blame DeSantis for Hurricane’s ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ · The Floridian (floridianpress.com)

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