Florida, In 32 Days You Vote For A Builder Or Bullsh**er—Choose Wisely

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads a three day rebuilding of hurricane ravaged bridges.

Watch as Governor Ron DeSantis came to Frank Rendon Park in Daytona Beach Shores on Friday, October 7 to give an update on Florida’s extraordinary recovery effort following the catastrophic damage left by the path of Hurricane Ian across the Florida peninsula.

Here are a few more tweets to help understand what Governor DeSantis is really doing for the people of the Sunshine state:

While Charlie Crist works on a three day suntan. 

Charlie Crist’s campaign is based on name calling not his record in Congress or his voting consistently in support of every Pelosi/Schumer/Biden policy, e.g. open borders, grooming children for sex with pedophiles, pederasts and perverts, getting oil from a dictator in Venezuela, pro-abortionist, pro-defund the police, pro-higher taxes, pro-BLM and voted for policies which have lead to a nationwide economic recession and bull stock market.

Here’s Charlie saying I don’t want your vote. We agree, we won’t be voting for him.

This tweet says it all about Charlie and his Democrat Party.

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